Spice Girls Make “Headlines” with Their Boring First Single

The Spice Girls’ first single for their highly-anticipated comeback appears to be something of a dud. Opting to come out the gate with a slow ballad possessing senseless lyrics and a beat that threatens to lull the listener to sleep, the Spice Girls have released their single, “Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)” and it’s now getting airplay on the British airwaves. As usual, I can’t tell the difference between anyone’s voice, unless it’s Sporty interjecting with the occasional slightly more difficult verse here and there. Here’s a sampling of the song’s lyrics.

Let’s make the headlines loud and true.
Want to tell the world I’m giving it all to you.
Let’s make the headlines loud and clear.
The best things suddenly happen when you are here.

I don’t understand who’s getting “all of it,” but then again I also assumed that the lyrics from “Wannabe” implied that if the suitor in question had no interest in bedding the singer’s friends, then he should look for love elsewhere. Such is the mystery of the Spice. And Victoria Beckham still is too busy to smile, but we can report with 99% certainty that her hair appears to be growing out.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

More photos of Victoria Beckham at Heathrow Airport are after the jump.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online