Spencer Pratt Joins The 3-D Film Phenomenon

Ohhh Spencer Pratt.  You’ve dipped your hands in so many ventures since shooting to fame on The Hills.  Your career thus far has left us with mouths agape, wondering how the hell you manage to make money despite being on everyone’s sh*t list.

SO.  Now Pratt is producing/directing/casting a film entitled Tower 69: Beach Patrol Featuring 3D Boobs.  That’s the title.  I swear I’m not joking.  Pop Bytes reported that Pratt recently spent an afternoon at a strip club seeking out “talent” for his boobie flick.  If the film is going to be 3-D, he’s going to need some Grade-A boobies. 

Seeking out the best comes at a hefty price.  instead of spending money on magic crystals, Spencer dropped over $7000 on the afternoon outing.  Here’s hoping the casting call was a success.  The film would be a disaster without strippers. 

To show that he’s serious about his 3-D flick, Spencer scouted locations at Malibu pier, script in hand.  Oh, to have that script come to life.  Wouldn’t that be a treat?

A) Why is he wearing protective goggles?
B) Who is financing this?
C) Who is his overbronzed friend? Jersey’s that-a-way, Jobin.

I should be scared, but he’s funny.  He’s teetering on insane, but I am thoroughly amused by his picture performance.