Spencer Pratt Is Smooth As Silk

“The Hills” Ken Doll evil mastermind douche Spencer Pratt showed up at the “Cloverfield” premiere with his ex-fiancee/current girlfriend Heidi Montag and her plasticness. Apparently, his scripted relationship with Heidi is wearing on him because he reportedly hit on another girl. With Heidi unaware of what was going on right beside her. Play on, playa! A witness said that Spenceguy “”to ask for another girl’s number . . . She turned him down. And Heidi was completely clueless.” She probably couldn’t see past her giant innertube lips she just had put in. Spencer denies this maneuver and said “it’s completely false. Heidi and I didn’t leave each other’s side the entire night.” A likely story, you scaliwag!

Photos: WENN