Spencer Pratt Is Stalking His Wife, Mel Gibson In Costa Rica

Fame addict extraordinaire Spencer Pratt has now gone to Costa Rica to try to take (and sell) photos of his soon-to-be-ex Heidi Montag and Mel Gibson. I know…WHAT THE WHAT!?

He apparently spent the day lugging around his camera, scouring beaches, parks, lobbies and restaurants all in the name of hunting big game.

According to TMZ, Pratt wants to work things out with Montag and thinks couples counseling is in order. My advice – if you’re trying to sell your OWN sex tape with a woman who has filed divorce, chances are counseling is way too late in the game.

Spencer acknowledges his fame addiction and it’s clear by this little jaunt he’s not about to give that up just yet.

I feel at least when they were together, they were in our faces less. Or maybe that’s just my perception.

Check out all the photos of him acting crazy below!