You Know He Leaked It

October 26th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Weird Ken Doll from “The Hills” Spencer Pratt supposedly has a sex tape floating around of him and some buddies running a train on some Brazilian chick. This was before Spencer was attached at the hip to the Playdoh factory that he currently sports, Heidi Montag. Nothing would please this attention whore more than having a sex tape scandal. He probably thinks it’s cool.

On “The Hills” this season, the plotline involves Spencer Pratt being accused of spreading rumors about an alleged sex tape of Lauren Conrad – but in real life, says an inside source, Spencer’s actually got a sex tape of his own that shows him and a few buddies exploring the, er… hills and valleys of some smokin’ hot Brazilian babes! (Note to Spencer’s fiancee, Heidi Montag: The alleged Samba Land group grope was lensed way before you two became betrothed, but know this: My source says Spencer showed the tape to a Hollywood video editor and repeatedly asked him to spruce it up – saying he might secretly release it into the marketplace while claiming it was “stolen,” al la Paris Hilton, Pam Anderson, etc. The editor nixed the sleazy project.

Can you think of anything more erotic than a bunch of microdicked white boys taking advantage of a roofied-out hooker. “Uh what’s?” “Her vagina.” “Ewwwwww!”

By J. Harvey

  1. T-Bone

    Is she so dumb that she doesn’t see that old Spencer likes her for only two reason: MONEY & LOOKS???

    Seriously, wake up!

  2. Bunny

    What the crap are they doing in these photos?

  3. Hey Cupcake

    Okay, for the millionth time: who are these people, why do they play-act their lives (going to the beach, airport, movies, etc. as if it’s real, but really just for photo-ops), and WHY are we supposed to care?

    Oh, and Spencer’s dick is as fake as Heidi’s tits.

  4. Casey

    He IS a Ken doll!!! Creepy. And those pictures are stupid. Just goes to show, breast implants can’t make a person sexy if they just aren’t hot. Neither of those two are hot. Ick.


    I believe the correct terminology to describe Spencer would be “MANNEQUIN”!! Fake as HELL! He and Heidi are a perfect match in that aspect. Not that I would ever consider watching a sex tape he made, but for his sake I hope his dick’s bigger than his mouth…

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