Spencer Boldman And His Amazing Abs Are Here For You To Ogle At

June 24th, 2014 // Leave a Comment

Don’t worry, guys, he’s 21, so this is totally kosher. Please enjoy Spencer Boldman‘s abs.

The Disney Channel star (yes, Disney Channel) was spotted in Los Angeles today, working out and hitting the surf in a totally not prearranged photoshoot. This is 100% candid, you guys.

And even though he is a Disney Channel star, it doesn’t mean his body isn’t nice to look at. I mean, those abs. Like, you could probably wash clothes on them. 

Also, he’s really into inspirational Tweets. Like this.

Umm, sure. Whatever you say. (Sorry, I’m laughing right now cause I’m a cynical asshole.) Well anyway, who cares what he Tweets, cause his abs are amazing. Launch the gallery to check them out. And in case you were curious, he’s on the show Lab Rats. Fingers crossed, if you have to watch that show with your child/sibling/niece/nephew/cousin, he takes his shirt off.

By Sabba Rahbar

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