Speedo-Clad Brit Tom Daley Gels Up Before Taking A Dive [PHOTO]

British Olympic hopeful Tom Daley is seen preening himself whilst at diving practice at the Aquatics Centre in the Olympic Park during Olympic Games 2012 in London. July 27, 2012.

I’m not exactly sure what the point of putting gel in your hair is prior to diving in to the pool, but maybe the gel is also a protective coating for his head when he hits the water.

Britain’s teenage diving star Tom Daley is hoping China’s divers will crack under pressure at the London Olympics as he seeks to break the dominance of the “Dream Team” on home soil.

The 18-year-old kicks off his London program alongside partner Peter Waterfield in the men’s synchronized platform on Monday, and follows up with the individual platform on August 10 at London’s Aquatic Centre.

Daley has said that he will leave the Olympic Village in between his platform diving events in a bid to escape the pressure and hype of the Games.

Much luck Tom!