Special Olymics Says Thanks, American Idol, For Insulting Us Like Everyone Else

Much has been said of this season’s particularly harsh criticism of contestants on “American Idol,” prompting some viewers to speculate that perhaps the judges (most especially Simon Cowell) were simply being too vocal in their disapproval of certain contestants. In fact, American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson recently voiced her opinion on Access Hollywood, diplomatically stating:

“The judges are a little harsh this time. But they sit all day and watch all these people come through, so you have to give them some credit.”

But Clarkson isn’t the only one talking about the judges. The Special Olympics is voicing its two cents on the situation as well.

Continue reading for the Special Olympics’ official statement on American Idol.

It seems that the Special Olympics is actually lauding American Idol for the judges’ “gracious” and “encouraging” treatment of contestant, Jonathan Jayne, a former Special Olympics athlete, during his audition on the show. These accolades come in an official statement on the organization’s website.

Whether on the stage of American Idol or on the field of competition for Special Olympics, people with intellectual disabilities don’t want to be pitied. They want to be judged for who they are and appreciated for what they can achieve. American Idol should be commended for providing Jayne with the same opportunity to succeed as any other contestant.

Yes, I agree. Every person, no matter what their background, should be afforded the opportunity to make an ass of themselves on national television. It is our right, as Americans.