Spears Parents Deal with The Aftermath of Jamie Lynn’s Pregnancy News

After finding out the news of their young daughter’s pregnancy, the parents of Jamie Lynn Spears are both reacting with shock. Lynn Spears has opted to put her parenting book on hold, which she probably should have done right after Britney shaved her head, but whatever. According to the publisher, the date for publication has been “delayed indefinitely … It’s delayed, not canceled.” Maybe she’s hoping that between now and the publishing date, she can have a child and raise it correctly. As for Jamie Lynn’s father, Jamie Spears, he is said to be “furious” over the fact that Lynne spears sold the pregnancy news to OK! Magazine. As for his reaction to the pregnancy news, he’s not please and “feels Jamie Lynn ruined her life,” according to a source that dished to Us Weekly. I guess it could be worse…she could be getting married.

Photos: WENN