Spears Parents Deal with The Aftermath of Jamie Lynn’s Pregnancy News

December 19th, 2007 // 14 Comments

After finding out the news of their young daughter’s pregnancy, the parents of Jamie Lynn Spears are both reacting with shock. Lynn Spears has opted to put her parenting book on hold, which she probably should have done right after Britney shaved her head, but whatever. According to the publisher, the date for publication has been “delayed indefinitely … It’s delayed, not canceled.” Maybe she’s hoping that between now and the publishing date, she can have a child and raise it correctly. As for Jamie Lynn’s father, Jamie Spears, he is said to be “furious” over the fact that Lynne spears sold the pregnancy news to OK! Magazine. As for his reaction to the pregnancy news, he’s not please and “feels Jamie Lynn ruined her life,” according to a source that dished to Us Weekly. I guess it could be worse…she could be getting married.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. DruNken LauRen

    I agree, she shouldn’t make to mistakes in a row, NO MARRIAGE.

  2. Chaz

    Us Weekly didn’t get the exclusive, so naturally they’re covering the other parent and his alleged anger over the situation. I wouldn’t put much stock in any of it. Heck, it’s rural Louisiana. We should be glad the father isn’t a family member.

    I remember ASL posting about a Jamie Lynn pregnancy rumor back during the summer. The rumor was bogus, but it had to be based on a sense that she was sexually active. You wonder why the elder Spearses didn’t use that as an opportunity to warn Jamie (“I was shocked”) Lynn about the consequences of teenage sex, especially given the disaster her big sister has become.

  3. Blue Velveeta

    Thank God I don’t have to endure her singing/acting career and she can go straight into “train wreck”.

  4. Cheri

    So, I don’t know about the age thing in the USA, but here in Canada, Casey would be charged with stat. rape. I’m just saying…….. everyone is making such a huge deal about jamie lynne being preggers, but what about the fact that she is a child & her bf is an adult…..

  5. Cheri

    So, I don’t know about the age thing in the USA, but here in Canada, Casey would be charged with stat. rape. I’m just saying…….. everyone is making such a huge deal about jamie lynne being preggers, but what about the fact that she is a child & her bf is an adult…..

  6. Lynn Spears writing a parenting book is like Amy WineWarehouse writing a book about sobriety.

  7. Shakétta

    i think that Lynn Spear’s book should be a parent must, kinda like Dr. Spocks “what to expect when you are expecting”. it is basically a manual of what NOT to do when rearing children.

  8. Applespice

    LMAO @ DavidDust- that was great.

  9. no

    on another tangent…why do people name their children after themselves? very ego-centric, so we shouldn’t be surprised at the outcome of this family.

  10. fellasheowed

    the fact that the kid isn’t going to need wic or government cheese should stem the outrage about how could she? she is a kid…she has every reason to look around and think she is special and that it couldn’t happen to her…that being said..her caereer as what britney might have looked like is over…and her back door deal came a little too late…but unlike some others who would have aborted it, she is making the first big sacrifice and that is huge imo

  11. Esther Greenwood

    The stat. rape thing is more dependent on the parents, from what I hear. Because Jamie and Lynn have condoned the relationship, he won’t be charged with stat. rape. I believe there is also a clause that states if both parties are underage when they start dating or are within so many years of one another, it won’t count as stat. rape. From what I understand, J/L was 13 and this guy was 16 when they started dating…

    Either way, it’s sad, IMHO.

  12. sdfad

    Didn’t Britney’s parents elope and get married at a very young age in Vegas?

    Redneck Monkey see, Redneck Monkeys do.

  13. BW022


    So, I don’t know about the age thing in the USA,
    but here in Canada, Casey would be charged with
    stat. rape.

    Nonsense. Canada’s age on consent is 14. Yes, 14! Sexual relations with those 14 through 17 is only illegal in cases of authority, dependancy, or exploitation. The Senate is currently reviewing a bill to requiring those having relationships with 14 and 15 year-olds be within a five year age difference.


    Most US states have either 16 or 18. However, many allow even lower provided the age difference is not great. In additional, prosecutors rarely file charges in the case of pregnancy, marriage, or when no one presses charges. Putting this guy in jail and giving him a sex-offender record isn’t going to help Ms. Spears, the baby, or society out. Far better he get a job and start being a father.

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