Britney’s Hospital Trip is a Well-Planned Intervention

This time around, Britney Spears was much more subdued than her first mental breakdown which resulted in her being taken to Cedars Sinai by emergency medical officials. Lynne Spears had been coordinating with the Los Angeles police department for some time and her arrival in Los Angeles over the weekend was one of the final steps of putting the “carefully orchestrated intervention” in place.

Britney had reportedly been without sleep since Saturday, which attributed at least somewhat to her docile behavior since she didn’t really have any energy to put up a fight. Everything was carefully planned, so that Britney could be taken to the hospital as quickly and as quietly as possible.

This time around, Britney appears to be more receptive to the idea of receiving medical treatment and even “made a joke” about this second trip to the hospital while enjoying a cigarette in the waiting area. As a result of the hospital trip being planned in advance, it’s likely that the hospital will be able to hold her for longer than the 72 hours allotted by a 5150. Additionally, we would like to report that there was no suicide attempt made by Britney, as this entire situation had been planned in advance.

According to an inside source, “The motorcade and everything was planned, it was already in the works to have them block off the road and airspace. It worked out perfectly.”


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