Britney’s Hospital Trip is a Well-Planned Intervention

January 31st, 2008 // 10 Comments

This time around, Britney Spears was much more subdued than her first mental breakdown which resulted in her being taken to Cedars Sinai by emergency medical officials. Lynne Spears had been coordinating with the Los Angeles police department for some time and her arrival in Los Angeles over the weekend was one of the final steps of putting the “carefully orchestrated intervention” in place.

Britney had reportedly been without sleep since Saturday, which attributed at least somewhat to her docile behavior since she didn’t really have any energy to put up a fight. Everything was carefully planned, so that Britney could be taken to the hospital as quickly and as quietly as possible.

This time around, Britney appears to be more receptive to the idea of receiving medical treatment and even “made a joke” about this second trip to the hospital while enjoying a cigarette in the waiting area. As a result of the hospital trip being planned in advance, it’s likely that the hospital will be able to hold her for longer than the 72 hours allotted by a 5150. Additionally, we would like to report that there was no suicide attempt made by Britney, as this entire situation had been planned in advance.

According to an inside source, “The motorcade and everything was planned, it was already in the works to have them block off the road and airspace. It worked out perfectly.”


14 more photos from outside Britney’s home are after the jump.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. FuntKase

    Her mother finally doing something. I hope it’s too late.

    You read that right, it’s not a typo. I hope it’s too late and bitch bounces around in a rubber room the rest of her hopefully very short life.

  2. LRm216

    This was the big intervention, planned well in advance, and, apparently it went exactly as hoped (thank God!). Now if the media and the public would back off and let the professionals de-louse her world of all the nits and bugs swarming around it and in it, perhaps, just perhaps, she may have a chance.

  3. echoroc

    um, i’m sorry, but what the fuck is bobby trendy doing there?

  4. I just can’t believe it took all the cops and ambulances and everything for that. I’m glad she’s getting help, just hope no one else’s true emergency was compromised in the process of Mama Spears finally deciding to be a mother 26 years too late.

  5. Nanc'

    Couple of related thoughts here in regard to the WHOLE mess and multitude of comments floating about:

    Firstly, I’m not convinced that ANYONE is really looking out for Brit’s best interests including her family but her family is the best she’s got at this point.

    Secondly, in regard to her much fussed-about costs for the city of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Brentwood, state of CA, etc….

    It appears that all these celebs cost the taxpayers a great deal BUT we must remember that these same people also bring in a LOT of revenue for their cities and state and – most often – are billed for their costs.
    What they spend “in town” in a month (via restaurants, shopping, housing, utilities, etc. ) is more than most of us spend in 5 or 10 years AND I assume, they are also bringing in tourists and they are making Payroll on everyone from Gardener, Driver, Security, Nanny, and Housekeeper to Paps.

    I’m assuming the reason Brit needed so much City help was because of the paps who were all over her house even before she knew what was going down.

    She is one hot mess but I’m not so sure it’s all her fault and I really doubt she is a tax burden on anyone.

  6. K@

    Seriously waiting for Tom Cruise to show up and be the puppeteer behind this three ring circus… Oh the insanity

  7. Persistent Cat

    Posting pictures of Bobby Trendy (and all other attention-whores like that) is only enabling their behaviour. I understand why you have to do it for Paris or for those abhorrent Hills people but really, do you get more traffic with pics of those fools?

  8. akare

    Haha, all you Californians are paying for her motorcade with your taxes.

    If I were you I would ask for an explanation, what is she? Osama Bin Laden?

    Unless she is going to blow herself up, I don’t think such protection is necessary.

  9. Methy Situation

    Perfectly staged by her lawyers for your viewing pleasure?

  10. magdel

    Britney made the wrong decisions in life, the only deference between her mistakes and ours – all her wrong doings are shown in public. She can change her life and become a positive role model, but does she have the support and self esteem?

    Nothing can stop a man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal, nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude ; Thomas Jefferson

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