Britney Pulls An Ashlee Simpson at the Orlando HOB

May 21st, 2007 // 3 Comments

(Mavrix Photo)

And no, in this instance, an “Ashlee Simpson” does not mean that Britney Spears has decided to undergo a series of plastic surgery procedures in order to transform herself into her sister. At her Orlando performance at the House of Blues, the Britster experienced some technical difficulties during her lip-synched set when the background music skipped a beat However, it sounds like other that little burp in the system, she was feeling pretty upbeat during the performance, despite some initial embarrassment at the snafu.

After wrapping up her set with a short version of “Toxic,” the pop star came toward the edge of the stage, adjusted her mic and said, “I love you, Orlando. Thank you so much for being here. You’re awesome. I love you!” Then she blew a kiss and punctuated it with “muah!”

The thing is, it’s not like she wasn’t lip-synching back when she was still successful, but at least she had decent outfits and a rocking bod with which to distract us. And sometimes, even a giant snake. But with the wacky wigs, the white-trash-tastic outfits and not yet fully recovered six-pack, it feels like she’s throwing a lot of obstacles in her own way. If I were her, I’d at least hire some less attractive dancers.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Jen

    Good god, what does this girl have to do for people to think she looks good again? So she’s not 16 anymore, she’s NEVER going to look like that again so get over it. I think she looks great, give her some credit.

  2. Jinxy McDeath

    If she doesn’t want to be judged, and she wants to lead a normal life, then don’t spend everyday of your life dressed like a street walker, crack ho. Also, rather then driving around with wigs and hat costumes, looking like a complete weirdo, spend some time with your kids, acting normal.

    She needs to get out of L.A., find a life and figure out a way to live on the money she has left after paying for a husband. Her career *snicker* is so over.

  3. shell

    What is up with that goofy frickin smile she’s always got on? And the slight head tilt. God, she’s annoying.

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