Did Britney Get Married in Mexico?

February 13th, 2008 // 7 Comments

According to Star magazine, the reasoning behind Britney’s abrupt trip to Mexico last month was so that she and her boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib could get married. I might be worried except that he still isn’t divorced from his wife, AzLynn Berry, and so it would be about as legally binding of a contract as accepting a rose from The Bachelor.

The editor of the magazine has stated, “Our source on this was not in Rosarito Beach at the ceremony, but is very familiar with the fact that [wedding] documents exist.” Also, Star is claiming that Britney has given her current boy-toy $250,000 to get his divorce fast-tracked. Oh Lord.

Well, on a strictly superficial note, I actually really like the way she looks in that lavender tank she’s wearing along with the jeans and her shoes. But I guess it does little to detract from all the crazy inhabiting those clothes.

Photos: BauerGriffinOnline.com/WENN

More photos of Britney Spears shopping at Miss Sixty with her mom are after the jump.

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Photos: BauerGriffinOnline.com/WENN

By Lisa Timmons
  1. Peas

    Empty venti Frappucino cup, pack o’ cigs, no bra, heinous greasy weave, bankrolling some deadbeat leech… just another day in the charmed life of Ms. Spears.

  2. elisa

    As a Mexican, I want to tell you that it’s easier to get married in Las Vegas than here. Here you have to present a lot of docs including birth certificates, proof of residence or your immigration form, if you are not a resident you have to get a special permit fm the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, id’s for witnesses, etc. And I don’t think that Brit-brit or anyone on her entourage has the head to prepare docs and make legal arrangements… I would be surprise if any of them completed high school

  3. me

    I’m shocked that there are rules there. I thought that was THE place to go for quickie, underhanded anything.

  4. Persistent Cat

    Elisa is right. Also, foreign nationals have to fill out a lot more paperwork to get married in another country. PLUS, she’s crazy so it would be declared invalid (if it happened) and she doesn’t have access to her vast resources of cash so I don’t think she could have given him that kind of money.

    Good story though.

  5. Queen Caffeine

    Come on, he’s still married. This isn’t even possible.

    I HOPE!!!!!

  6. Kayla

    You can’t be that stupid to believe everything you read! Especially about Britney Spears!!! Half of what we read about her is lies!!!! She is not married!!! She IS GETTING THE MENTAL HELP SHE NEEDS, THE MEDICATION SHE NEEDS, WORKING, and everyone needs to stop bashing/hating on her!!! Bad vibes!!! Let her live in peace. Them freaks would like her to rest in peace only so they can have a good story!!! God is watching you freaks!!! LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!! You have lying, whore Lindsey to pick on.

  7. Duderonamous

    Britney is a douche, and the guy she is galavanting around Bull$H*t L.A. With is the recepticle of that douche. Her parents are mooks and her sister is an 16yr preggo statistic way go! Nuff said about the Jetson family on LSD.

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