Britney Spears Escapes Hit-and-Run Charge

“No, Mister. It was the one-armed man, what ran into that lady’s car, not me. Um…I gotta go. Bye!”

I jest, but actually, Britney Spears didn’t even have to do any shady maneuvering to get out of her hit-and-run from August. The pop star settled out of court with the woman whose car Spears hit in a parking lot in San Fernando Valley this past summer. Kim Robard-Rifkin accepted the sum of $1,000 from Spears on Thursday, after which time, a judge tossed out the misdemeanor charge. According to Michael Flanagan, Britney’s lawyer:

“[She] is very sympathetic toward Britney and hopes the best for her,” Flanagan told People magazine.

Dang, that was awfully nice of Kim. I think in her situation, I would have also included the stipulation that Britney get a makeover, under my strict supervision. Might as well try and do some good while you’re litigating, I always say. (I never say that.)


More photos of Britney Spears going shopping for a swing set after the jump.