Britney Spears Minus Kids Equals Sad

February 20th, 2008 // 5 Comments

Here’s some atmospheric shots of Britney Spears getting her hair done at B2V Borrelli-Vo salon. Kim Vo is the stylist that does that to her. In some sad news, Britney’s kids haven’t seen her since the night of Jan. 3, when she was carted off the psych ward at Cedars Sinai (the first of two). And sources say that she isn’t a big factor in their life at this point. A source close to the Federline contingent says “They have not been asking about Britney.” That’s going to need a double-stick band-aid.

Britney reportedly isn’t even allowed to speak with the kids via telephone, but she “cries” about it all the time and she has their belongings everywhere, including their pictures. OK. Anyway, Britney is supposed to be doing better with the family having imprisoned her. Let’s just hope that Sam lufti doesn’t deliver a saw hidden inside a frappucino.

Photos: WENN

More photos of Britney Spears getting her hair done at B2V Borrelli-Vo salon after the jump.

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Photos: WENN

By J. Harvey

  1. sad

    Hey everybody, guess who got caught cheating last nigh! TOM CRUISE……. I knew there was something fishy about him! See the story and photos on

  2. klace

    I think your math is a little off.

    (Britney X Batshit) + Kids = Sad

  3. Vi

    A Swamp Monster with washed hair (actually she’s half bald but let’s not get into that now) is still a Swamp Monster.

    She must be paying millions to these people that touch her …

  4. Granger

    She may be screwed up, but she’s still human (I think), and it must be terribly sad to not even be able to talk to her children on the phone. I would die if I couldn’t hear my babies’ voices everyday, much less hug and kiss them. Don’t get me wrong — I think this separation is good for her, because her kids do NOT need to hear their mom speaking with a British accent — and hopefully it gives her the impetus she needs to get better — but it’s still sad.

  5. Alek

    It’s sad in theory… in practice, didn’t the court-appointed monitor say that she was more concerned with changing (horrible) outfits than with her kids when she did have them. This girl has been self-centered for too long to care about anyone else, even her own kids. Some people just can’t do the parenting thing and it’s better for the kids not to make them.

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