Britney Spears Inches Closer to Treatment

If it’s not the pants that Britney forgets at home, it’s the bra. But she does have a good excuse because TMZ is reporting that her erratic behavior can be attributed to the fact that the pop star does indeed have some variation of bipolar disorder. Reportedly, in addition to the drug tests she has been court-ordered to undergo, the pop star has also been told for months by the L.A. Court Commissioner Scott Gordon that she needs to submit to psychological examinations as well, which she has yet to do.

At the moment, Britney’s lawyers are scrambling to come up with a way to get Britney some treatment for her condition. Reportedly, she’ll be examined by professionals on an outpatient basis and Britney appears to be open to participating in the plan, although I can’t imagine her actually sitting still long enough to do it. Poor thing. Once they get her medicated and under control, she’s going to turn to realize, “Wait…I’ve slept with ALL OF THESE LOSERS?”

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN