Espionage At Del Taco

April 23rd, 2007 // 9 Comments

Britney donned one of her many disguises and went for some burrito meat. She’d have more luck running around with a burqa on. At this point, I wish she would. The hideousness is getting to me.


More photos of Britney Spears at Del Taco after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. pud

    Hideous????…. Dunno the types of girls that YOU date buddy…..but this chick is FAR from hideous. Maybe flashin your hooch is hideous, shavin your head in front of the world might be considered hideous…..but unless you live in the Amazon jungle and prefer women with bones in their noses that are adept at chasin down tapirs beneath the rain forrest……only a fool that follows a script written by too many other gossip columnists would write such tripe. Hideous? lol….. don’t think so

  2. Lisa

    Seriously, Why do people insist on picking on her. The girl just got through rehab and a divorce. I think considering the hell she has been through, she looks pretty damn good. She is loosing weight, staying sober, and trying to find happiness for herself. Good for her. Not to mention, when she wakes up in the morning, all she has to do is slap on a wig and look fab. Unlike me who has to wash, blow dry and straighten my hair!

  3. Aussie_Chick

    God I hope my bod looks like hers after having my baby!!!! Geesh, she looks great, and people need to lay off her and let her be!! She is making progress toward bettering herself for the sake of herself and her family!
    Good on ya Britney!! I still Love you

  4. curtis

    i would stick a tongue in her

  5. curtis

    i would stick a tongue in her

  6. Rhone Gal

    that’s right…just keep eating Del Taco, Mac Donalds, Taco Bell and when you get fat again, just have another lipo and repeat.

  7. She is still hot. saw more hot pics at
    Can stare at her for hours

  8. Kyle

    Britney Hideous?? Only one thing would cause that response….He’s Gay

  9. Jane

    So what if Britney eats fastfood? Does not everyone in America do even once in a while? Who cares if she eats it every single day? It’s sad that every move she makes is followed by paps who are obviously cashing in money for acting like hound dogs to make their cheap shots! It’s easy to call someone trailer trash when you’re a regular person who don’t have to worry every minute of what another person is gonna say about you! Wake up people and find something else to do…

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