Insane Convo With Britney “Mary Poppins” Spears

January 21st, 2008 // 11 Comments

Here’s some illuminating footage of Britney Spears negotiating her way from the Millenium Dance Complex to home. She’s in fully posh accent, and man, does her hair look painful. It’s all knotted on and dirty and it makes my scalp itchy.

As Britney’s car is stopped, she is barraged by the paps and a homeless gentleman. She tells homeless guy that he’s better off being homeless than being her. She really topped the suck list with that comment. She’s still trying to sound like Victoria Beckham but she ain’t majuh. She also denies knowing who Adnan Ghalib is. Can they just fill a trank dart full of psych meds and shoot her in the neck from afar? And then get a net?

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

More photos of Sam lufti and Britney Spears from their trip to Petco and the gas station are after the jump.

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

By J. Harvey

  1. Jesse D

    Insane. Woohoo.
    She is going to get sick and tired of these paps standing in front of her car and run one of them smooth the f*ck over and she’s going to get away with it. Why? Because she’s insane, that’s why.

  2. Kate

    Was she trying to smoke an unlit cigarette? I realize that’s only a drop in the bucket of crazy but I wondered.

    She’s really gone, isn’t she?

  3. Logan

    I really get a kick out of Brit when she is surrounded by paps, then they move out of her way so she can back her car out, then she sits there with the window down, staring at the paps for about 15 minutes, talking with them – before putting her car into drive and then leaving. What a victim.

  4. meee

    I’m not surprised she said she didn’t know who Adnan was. I’m quite sure she had no idea what his name was. Just that guy with the wonderful accent hanging around. Probably had no clue that he even had a name.

  5. kellygrrrl

    even the homeless man on the streets knows she’s a crazy mess

  6. hahaha, “topped the suck list.” I like that. So true!!

  7. thinmint

    Her shirt is on inside out. I think she’s deliberately acting nuts in front of the paps and thinks it’s real funny.

  8. I too, think she is acting nuts on purpose so she can blame the “other” personalities for being such a crappy mother.

  9. blah

    I think a lot of it is fake too. However, it almost seems like she believes her craziness. Her personality and persona is now that of a crazy woman. It’s the only one that’s getting her any attention so it’s the only one she seems to continue with.

  10. Va Jay Jay

    Fucking hilarious. Finally, some good entertainment. I loved it when the Pap asked what part of Britain are you from.. crazy bitch

  11. KIRBY

    Damn! The video is gone. I would have liked to have got my daily dose of seeing Britney act retarded/crazy.

    I love that one pic with her back to the camera. Her hair is so nasty and messy, she looks like a rastafarian. I actually think the rasta braids are cool — when someone is wearing them purposely. But in Britney’s case, you know she looks like that way because she is just a huge slob with bad hygeine who is also too lazy to wash and comb her hair.

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