Britney Shops For Pregnancy Test And I Hope The Day-After Pill

January 16th, 2008 // 12 Comments

Bonnie and Clyde here look like they might make a run for the Mexican border again at any given moment. And if you’re feeling like old boy here is skeevy as hell, well, you’re not the only one. Alli Sims, Britney Spears’ cousin, told Us Weekly that she doesn’t trust Adnan Ghalib’s motives. “I think he only has bad intentions. He has given me a weird feeling and creeped me out. I wish he would just go away.” We second that emotion, Alli.

And on this lovely jaunt to the drug store, Britney and her buddy, Adnan, picked up some pregnancy tests because why wouldn’t Britney want more kids with some guy whose job it seems to be to suck her bone-dry? It worked so well the first time around. Oh but don’t worry, she was just kiddin’, y’all. Like we need that kind of joke to be played on us after all she’s put us through already…

Another member of Britney’s disturbing entourage, Sam Lutfi, is now telling People magazine that the rumors about her suicide note are bogus. “There was no suicide note, and it’s completely untrue that she tried to commit suicide,” iterated lufti, who was described by People as the singer’s “longtime friend,” which makes me wonder what exactly a “long time” would constitute.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. cuddlesmcgee

    This is so demeaning and cruel to her children to kid about looking for a pregnancy test kid with your married papp boyfriend, so happy and partying without any cares and doing next to nothing to straighten herself up, turn a new leaf to adult and motherhood and get them back..

  2. Julie

    Gosh, she just craves the media spotlight, doesn’t she?!?!?!? Even after 3 planned pregnancies, I was more discrete than that when I went to buy the pregnancy tests.

  3. cbenji

    well, well, well! touche’ brit brit! bet you got paid quite a pretty penny for the pregnancy test pics. maybe sleeping with the enemy wasn’t such a bad idea. might i suggest looking at engagement rings next? or maybe adnan could wear some loose fitting shorts and have a testicle slip getting out of the benz. think about it brit, nobody’s ever done a male upskirt cooch shot before.

  4. blah

    I think in her weird, distorted, chalupa filled mind, she thinks she’s the one who is in control. She’s kind of flipping off the world. Everyone is going to say she’s a bad mother (rightfully so), but instead of admitting it, she seems to be like, “ok…you think I’m such a bad mom, I’m going to make you think I’m going to be a bad mom to another kid”. Honestly, in her mind, I think she thinks we are all stupid. She thinks she’s getting the last laugh.

  5. g

    this has got to be just a publicity stunt.
    WHY would she send her ugly scrub and HERSELF to pick it out..uh duh because she wants us to THINK it is for her. With KFED did she and him go out and but them, NO because back then she tried somewhat for PRIVACY.
    What a whore and an ATTETION WHORE.

  6. Zelda F.

    Sour grapes on Alli Simms part. Since Adnan’s been in the picture, Alli has been out. Poof! Haven’t seen her at all. She’s as bad as the rest, even though she’s a blood relative, she’s still just hanging on to Britney’s coat tails for publicity and cash.

  7. eh

    julie, if this was an ordinary person making a run to rite aid with her bf, picking up a pregnancy test- that is pretty discreet and certainly nothing to be ashamed about. being that this is not a typical person, she just hooked up with this guy, has been legally banned from seeing her kids, and has hoards of papz photographing her- yes, this is not discreet.

    why couldn’t she just send out her assistant? why does she even visit rite aid or gas stations in the first place, being that she has an assistant? oh yeah! publicity, attention, desperation!

  8. green cardigan

    I went weak at the knees when I saw that headline. Someone tell her pregnancy isn’t ‘hot’,it’s,like, soooo 2004, and hair glue, lattes and cheetos are bad for expectant mothers. That might penetrate the fog.

    I’ve taken quite a strong dislike to AdNab or whatever he calls himself. I love the way he looks pissed off in a lot of photos, like he doesn’t want to be photographed. GET A F@CKEN LIFE MOFO…..Sorry.Don’t know where that came from… Just my reaction to his greasy mug..

    Send in the Cheetos in white coats.

  9. nysid

    Why does he have a landing strip on his face? And who would wanna procreate with that?

  10. kendall

    I’m getting a creepy ‘Mickey and Mallory’ feeling from this caption picture…

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