Britney Spears Should Discovery the Beauty of Grocery Shopping Online

Trying to purchase a few chocolates and some tiny bottles of wine proved to be almost too much for Britney and her leech/personal assistant, Adnan Ghalib, when the two of them took at trip to a Ralph’s grocery store recently. You can hear the taunts of the photographers while the two of them try to push their way through to the exit in the video after the jump.

Ooh, but nothing beats the feisty little Ralph’s worker, trying to make her way back inside the store through the throng of obnoxious paparazzi. After being told to be careful when pushing her way through their expensive equipment, she turns and yells at him, “I don’t give a shit.” Hell yeah. You know she already puts up with enough shit at minimum wage, without having to deal with cat-calling photographers bitching about her bumping their cameras. She’s my new hero.

Meanwhile, if Adnan is going to pretend to be her personal assistant, the least he can do is buy her groceries for her, so she’s not constantly being mobbed every five minutes. It would at least help to make the ruse of his “employment” slightly more believable.

Photos: WENN

(Video: Hollywood TV)

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Photos: WENN