Us Weekly All Up In In Touch’s Grill About Britney Spears’ Suicide Note Story

It’s on now. US Weekly reports on their website that In Touch Weekly’s recent story about Britney Spears having written a suicide note the night of her meltdown is false. They have Britney’s best friend forever Sam Lutfi (who was reported to have found the note) saying that the story was “absolutely, 100% not true.”

Of course, Sam probably wants to keep himself in coke, filet mignon, and hookers so he knows to go to the mat and deny, deny, deny. US also took the opportunity to debunk several other of In Touch Weekly’s Britney Spears stories, including the report that Britney was pregnant via that weird JR Rotem fake text message bullshit and their cover story on the details of sister Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy. Who knows?

As for the crazy lady herself, maniac Britney Spears hit up Jerry’s Deli yesterday for some take-out and some camera-whoring. I know one shouldn’t be a prisoner in their own house but at this stage of the game (gracing every magazine cover in the checkout aisle , forbidden to see your own children) you might want to consider takeout. Just eat it on your back porch if you want to enjoy the nice weather. Remove yourself from the situation, skank!

Britney was photographically pummeled as she was dragged into the deli by her new “assistant” Adnan Ghalib. Oh, and she’s still working the crazy British accent as she was heard to mutter “Oh my god” and sounding like Kelly Osbourne. Bitch, you’re from Louisiana. Cut it out. That didn’t work for Madge either.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

Photos of Britney’s nose touching session are after the jump.

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online