Naked Pictures Of Britney Spears Are For Sale, Nobody’s Buying (Except Australia)

This is just the precursor to the sex tape. The agency that employs Britney’s latest scrub Adnan Ghalib is reportedly trying to sell off some pictures of Britney nude. So yeah, he’s not hanging around because he’s worried about her. I don’t want to even think about these pics. It would be like Scared Gayer for me. Finalpixx is said to be trying to unload the pictures of semi-nude Britney for five figures but no one wants them. A big tabloid turned them down this week, saying they weren’t any good. Did they mean the composition or the subject? The only taker so far has been an Australian magazine who is said to have purchased the photos for $57,000. That’s not much. If we have any Australian readers, let us know how they look. I’m not holding my breath for anything artful.