Britney Spears Takes Some Time In Her Busy Schedule Of Crazy To Get Some

Before we go into the latest Britney scoop, I have to say I feel a lot of love on this site lately. All of our beloved readers are really coming together to discuss Ms. Britney Spears and her situation.

A Socialite’s Life seems to have a lot of readers who know things about mental health diagnoses and the law, etc. I love that! I learn something new everyday up in this bitch! It’s comforting to know that we can facilliate intelligent discussion via poptart implosion. Well, my discussion isn’t intelligent, but it’s good to know someone will correct my ass when I write something completely ignorant. Which is like daily. But I digress. Despite earlier reports that Britney, 26, and her paparazzi playmate Adnan Ghalib, 35, are platonic, sources say that these two are sorta getting their dry-hump on in public when they think that no one’s looking. CelebTV is reporting that Britney and Adnan were spotted the night of her release from Cedars-Sinai at a bungalow in Santa Barbara sharing a bungalow, and all up in the cozy with each other. Britney loves those lollipops.

They’re also reporting that they were seen holding and making out on a Starbuck’s run the next morning. Starbuck’s makes Britney horny. In more (there’s always more) Britney news, “responsible people” in her life are trying to get her to check herself into a hospital for treatment for bipolar disorder. The reasoning is that there’s no way she’s getting those kids if she’s walking around talking to park benches and laughing in appropriately at “Tall, grande, or venti?” Makes sense to me, but she’s apparently resisting so far. She’s too busy sucking on lollipops in bungalows with photographers!