Britney Spears: Ya Think? (II)

Britney Spears’ “friends” (photographers and Lemmy down at the Citgo?) think that she suffers from a “psychological disease”.


I feel so much more enlightened now. I was doubting my earlier boasts that I knew she had bipolar disorder way back when because I am not a trained professional and only a malcontent with a laptop. But with that insightful observation, I feel like Carl Jung. Two separate friends of Britney’s say that she has had manic episodes for “years”. I swear to God her former assistant Felicia Culotta must have some hot stories. In other news on the psychological front, Dr. (Bald Whore) Phil and Cedars Sinai Medical Center are getting flack from the psychiatric community for their actions regarding Ms. Spears. TMZ is claiming they surveyed eight psychiatric professionals (does Phil have a damn degree?) and all of them agreed that there is no way Dr. Phil’s annoying ass should have been allowed in her room. They say that Britney should have given him prior consent for in-patient privileges.

Dude, I would sooner let a janitor into my hospital room to discuss my mental health with me than that knob. One doctor reportedly said that the hospital was “star struck” and that’s why he was let in. Ugh. Can you picture this loudmouth tool getting it in his head that he’s going to save Britney and get ratings at the same time? He’s the worst.