Britney’s Got Some Splaining To Do

UPDATE: OK, now it’s ix-nay on the whole deposition thing with Britney. According to a source that spoke to Page Six, in addition to not wanting to deal with the inevitable swarm of paparazzi, Britney’s not experiencing the best of health at the moment. So, now it sounds like the deposition won’t be taking place until the new year and Britney and her people are lobbying to have it held at a “more neutral location.”

I feel like I took a few hours off from blogging yesterday to travel and now, Britney’s got an entire new hair color. I think she should just stick to the blonde and try to master it, before trying to complicate things with a new color. But that’s just me. And honestly, wacky roots are the least of her problems right now, with her staring down a deposition in the face, scheduled for Wednesday. Embroiled in a complicated legal battle over custody with her kids with her ex-husband that seems to have been going on FOREVER, Britney will now be deposed this week. Legal expert, Lynn Soodik, gave her two cents on the situation to People magazine, saying, “A deposition can be emotionally draining, because Kevin’s lawyer can ask very personal questions about her relationship with her kids – and she’ll be under oath.” Man, that sounds kind of cool–I mean, imagine if you could get your ex under oath and ask them whatever you wanted. Actually, I think I’d rather depose my parents and see if I couldn’t get them to admit to smoking pot.

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Photos: WENN