Britney About To Be A Free Woman


TMZ has the scoop on Britney’s end date in rehab. According to the site, Spears is scheduled to be leaving “Promises” some time this week and her recent meeting with K-Fed over the weekend proved to be very fruitful.

We’re told when Britney gets out, she and Kevin have agreed to a 50/50 split with physical custody of their two children. The plan is for Britney to eventually gain primary custody and Kevin will have visitation.

I’d like to take credit right here and now for the idea of tagging her on the ear with a special tracking device, so that we can monitor her progress in the wild. I’d say we could tag her underwear, but that might not be the most reliable way to keep an eye on her. (Do you enjoy the way that gossip is so slow, that I’m now having to refer to pantiless Britney for a cheap laugh these days? Sigh.)