‘Spartacus’ Star Andy Whitfield Thanks Fans For Cancer Support

August 6th, 2010 // 115 Comments

Andy Whitfield is the star of Starz’s series Spartacus and earlier this year the star had to postpone filming of the second season when he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Whitfield took to the show’s official forum to thank fans for all of their encouragement and support.

“To all of you incredibly generous human beings, who have supported, cared and collectively shared your stories, well-wishes and inspiring words, all of which have had a profound and moving impact on me,” he said. “Your time, energy and compassion have been the lift needed to glide over some of the bumpy terrain of the last few months. Thank you.”

“I am now training again and hungry to reunite with the fantastic cast and crew,” he said. “After this unexpected challenge but truly rewarding chapter, I have emerged feeling stronger, with a greater focus, commitment and passion and even more profound love of my family and friends.”

I am very grateful for the extraordinary journey that was season one and now, after my own personal shake-up, am even more determined and passionately committed to having season two be very special again. Thank you all again for your ongoing support.”

In June, Whitfield completely finished with his treatment and has a clean bill of health and is expected to be back on the set by October. Check out a gallery of him below!

By Justin Thompson

  1. mary harris

    seems andy found a new love life..is he still married..guess there is not much commitment on his behalf

  2. julie anderson

    from the spanish kitichen video and pictures shows andy’s lack of love, respect, honor, trust that goes into a marriage..very disappointed

  3. julie anderson

    andy showed very little love, respect, honor or trust to his marriage to his wife

  4. julie anderson

    so much for respect, honor, trust to his wife.very disappointed

  5. joe hines

    i cheated on my wife and she took me back. shortly she became ill and that made our marriage stronger. she is ok now but i think god she could forgive me for my wrong doings

  6. amy littleton

    is it true that andy and his wife were separated when he was visiting at the spanish kitichen and left with the blonde? now that he is sick they are back together?

  7. jim hall

    when andy was ill first time he stated he had time to figure things out. guess that did not include his love for his wife..hopefull he will recover this time fully and realize just how precious his wife is to him.

  8. lucy jose

    group of us just finish spartaus. loved it. andy whitfield made the movie. sorry he is ill and not able to finish. we looked up information about him. found this video and pictures of the spanish kitichen and am totally shocked he would allow himself being filmed showing such affection for this blonde and leaving with her. cannot be much respect for his wife. hopefully they will reunite and he will be more committed.

  9. janice washington

    rented spartaus. way too much sex. andy looked like a natural with his sex scenes. its one thing to do a part for a show but in real life its another matter. watching the spanish video could not believe he would be so blunt with this blonde knowing it was being video for the world to see. feel very deeply for his wife and children. hopefully he will fully recover and treasure his family with more love and respect.

  10. janie washington

    just finish watching spartaus..great show but too much sex. andy was a natural doing his sex scenes. it is one thing to do a movie but real life is different. watching the spanish kitichen video and pictures just shows how far out he has become. he was all over that blonde and she was quite willing. feel sorry for his wife. sorry he is ill again but maybe he will now realize how precious his wife and kids are to him.

  11. lynette worthington

    seeing the spanish video and pictures reminds me of tiger woods. even he was not caught in a video showing him all over his playmates.

  12. jody williams

    bought spartaus..andy is so good in this and sorry he wont be back. most of my friends agree. however, disappointed in this spanish kitichen video with its pictures of him with the blonde..how could he be such a good friend to this blonde with the distance between them. no. he definitely went beyond that. looks more like beginning of an affair. pray for his wife for strength

  13. adam swanson

    there is no way andy can be replaced as spartaus. he blew this out of the water. sorry for his illiness and wont be back. sometimes fame can change a person for the worst. by these pictures the blonde definitely had her designs on him and he fell for it hook line and sinker. through this round of treatments appreciate what is most important..your health, wife, kids, family. nothing can be taken for granted. god bless in your recovery

  14. ashton

    with andy under treatment for cancer a second time around why keep the spanish kitichen video and pictures in view for people to see. give time for his wife to deal with what is ahead of her for his care. does not need to be reminded of his wrong doings that night. pray for a quick recovery.

  15. sammie

    watched spartaus. wow. great for a tv show. lwill be hard for andy to be replaced. he was totally commited to this show. his performance was fantastic. sorry he will be replaced and hope he recovers fully from his cancer. what a shame. just at the height of his career. god bless him in his recovery and appreciate your family more than ever. wife and kids are a blessing to you. life is too short to let little things get in the way.

  16. ron

    so andy had an affair. probably one of many. how his wife deals with it i dont know. he was fantastic in spartaus. sorry he became ill and will not finish. not sure he can be replaced. however, fame does change a person and not always for the good. he and this woman wanted to be together from the beginning. she made that quite clear when she waited for him outside. through this trouble time he is going through hopefully his wife and kids will be more important than a willing woman.

  17. ridley

    andy was fantastic in spartaus. he brought life to the show. he is a very good actor and hope he continues on with his career once he is fully well. pray for a recovery. one thing in the show it brought out was his moral and since of honor. however think that was lost in the sex scene of whore. that was quite graphic to say the least. to take a whole day of filming. what tempetation that must of been.. not so sure he is such a moral, honor man in real life especially seeing the spanish kitichen video. once he hugged the blonde woman he sealed his fate for the night. it was obvious what she wanted. he was either anger with his wife or something to let this be seen in the public eye. he showed no concern whatsoever. of course she was happy as a lark as she got want she wanted. praying for this family to all heal and that andy will realize a marriage is not to be taken for granted.

  18. henena

    andy should of been more decreet at the spanish kitichen event. women know women and her intentions were to be with him for the night. of course he was not fighting it. in fact, he encouraged it. had to be hurtful to his wife. then again maybe this is his pattern. hope he fully recovers from his cancer and pray for a healing marriage based on love,trust, honor and respect. have to admit he was fantastic in spartaus even though the sex was quite graphic.

  19. jenny

    i have been married 12 years with two children. totally fell in love with andy as spartaus. he is handsome, sexy and every woman’s dream. he was awsome in his role as spartaus. however, if i had been in the blonde womans place at the spanish kitichen would i incourage an affair. no. i would of seen his wedding band and realized there is a person in his life that he may love deeply and also realize he has children. this woman has no class or shame. but, i was disappointed in andy as he also encouraged it in more ways than one. pray for a full recovery and hope he realizes that his family should be his priority in the future with no 3rd party. looking forward for him to be back on the screen. he is really a good actor.

  20. vanassa

    i too am disappointed in andy for the spanish kitichen event. inside he even had the nerve to put his coat around the blonde shoulders. if that did not seal his fate with her then the hug outside sure did. . who has stood by his side during his treatments and has for the last 10 years. his wife. did she deserve this most embrassing situation, no. she too has been through a lot. i believe she loves him very much to put up with so much. treasure what you have in you wife and kids. that kind of love cnnt be replaced. pray for a full recovery for you family needs you. may your future be full of hapiness and a bright future.

  21. jason

    rented spartaus and just finished it. the show was great for a tv show. andy did an outstanding job. the violence and language did not bother me as seen just as much in other movies. the sex was quite graphic close to soft pron. listen to the comments from andy, lucy and viva on episode 10, whore. do not see how they can justify the sex scene andy did. that was pure and simple soft pron. said it took a day to film. unbelieveable. no wonder he can so easily step out of his marriage. can understand his wife not being with him at all the promotions he went on to promote the show. how embrassing for her it must of been. sure she supported him for this show but wonder if she understood just how involved his sex scenes were to be. believe andy can get better roles once he recovers from his cancer. he is a good actor and deserves a big break. pray for the family to stay together through all these trials.

  22. amber

    the show itself was very good for a tv show. really got into andy;s character. he played the part very well. understand the show must go on due to so many other people’s livelyhood is involved. however, felt the sex scenes were just soft pron. andy being in all that tempetation for 9 months of filming just pushed him over the edge to seek out other women for his pleasure other than his wife. guess that is were fame can get to a person. wishing him a full recovery from his cancer but hope he comes to understand what a real marriage is based on.

  23. jude

    rented spartaus finally. great show. andy did an outstanding job. like watching a movie. however, felt the sex scenes of the show was no more than soft pron. cannt believe andy could be talked into some of these scenes being married. must of been hard on the wife if she did infact see it. maybe that explains why he was so eager for this woman at the spanish event. sex with another person means nothing to him. believe he is a better actor than having to do soft pron. wishing him a full recovery from cancer and a bright future back on the screen.

  24. edith

    saw spartaus. andy was quite good in it and wonder where he has been all this time. hope he fully recovers from his cancer and get back on the screen. was somewhat disappointed that he can so easily have an affair with another woman without a thought for his wife. thought better of him. . guess once you become famous feel you can do whatever you want at no expense of another person’s feelings. sure his wife was disappointed in him for this open display toward this woman.

  25. marianne

    sorry for the setback and had to give up spartaus. praying for a full recovery . beat this cancer fully this time. treatments must be a bear to deal with. realize the show must go on due to so many people’s livelyhoods are involved but you will truly be missed. appreaciate your wife more in the future as she truly loves you and willing to stand by you no matter what. looking forward to seeing you back on the screen. remember only good will come out of this and you will become a better person, husband and father. god is watching over you and your family and you must believe that.

  26. justin

    believe andy was torn between being married and feeling single as it showed at the spanish kitichen event. guess that is what happens when you hang out all the time with a single buddy. wish him a complete recovery and to work on making his marriage better. that being said spartaus was a great show. he did an outstanding job but so did john hannah. evil vs good. sorry he was killed off. looking forward to the second season to see how they are going to handle the show. sure beats these stupid reality shows.

  27. kathy
    Commented on this photo:

    first there was spartaus with all the graphic sex scenes and then andy goes off to ca and pull the stunt at the spanish kitichen with another woman which probably lead to an affair. if i were his wife he would be right out the door. no amount of money or fame could ever replace the trust and misery he would have caused in our marriage.

  28. george
    Commented on this photo:

    got that right. sounds like a marriage where he can do whatever he feels like doing at the time. no respect, love or trust which is what a marriage is based on.

  29. emily

    when a married man is seeking entertainment from another woman is not much of a husband to begin with. sorry he is ill and cnnt finish spartaus but feel very strongly he will beat this cancer. now is a good time to refect on his present marriage and what it means to him. hopefully is means being truthful, faithful, respectfull and most of all love for his family. god be with them all during this difficult time.

  30. brady

    watched spartaus and thought it was pretty good for a tv show but found the sex very graphic. like watching soft pron especially the scene in whore. would andy cheat on his wife. you betcha. that show only stimulated his appitite for more women in his real life. sorry he is ill and do wish for a complete recovery. but, i also feel for his wife. what she must endure for their marriage to stay strong. praying for the whole family as well as andy during this trying time.

  31. michelle

    yes it is distrubing to think that andy would cheat on his wife at the spanish kitichen event. all that is said about him as how humble and nice he is. one would think of him as being a devoted family man. but then again he did do all those graphic sex scenes in spartaus which makes one think maybe he is not so loyal at all. he was very confincing as spartaus and did a fine job of acting. he will be missed. not so sure he can be replaced but will have to wait and see. only wish him a complete recovery and a bright future which i hope includes his wife as a true partner in life. looking forward to seeing him back on the screen.

  32. lee

    watched spartaus and thought it was pretty good for a tv show. thought the sex scenes were quite graphic on all their parts. andy’ part was quite graphic with both his costars. would he be capable of adultery. have very little doubt since i saw spartaus. must be hard on the wife to know just how involved he became with these sex scenes, would be on any wife that loves her husband. believe he is a better actor than have to resort to soft pron. once he is fully recover from his cancer looking foward to seeing him back on the screen as he is deserving of better roles. beat this cancer and get on track with your family. that is what is most important in the long run.

  33. leah

    i thought spartaus was great. andy did an outstanding job. was the sex too graphic, yes. that part was a little too much. does andy need to resort to pron to show he is a good actor, no. he will be missed as he brought the character to life. once he beats this cancer i wish him every success in the movie business. he is a good actor. as far as his personal life goes that is between him and his wife to work out. i believe she is a strong person and they will become closer as time goes along. wish him a full recovery.

  34. andrew w

    thank god for cable channels. these reality shows are so boring and stupid. in fact, most of tv are dumb shows. spartaus was interesting not fantastic but a good change. most of the women i know fell in love with andy as he is handsome, sexy and a woman’s dream. is he a saint? not by any means. he did do a good job of acting his part out. probably will be hard to replace. do wish him a complete recovery and pray for his family for strength as they too are facing a hard ordeal

  35. carol

    i for one loved andy as spartaus. read a great deal about him. he is very well educated, handsone, sexy and found him to be a very good actor. yes, he will be missed as the show goes on. wish him a complete recovery from his cancer . praying for him. however, did come across the spanish kitichen event and thought oh my god, what his wife must go through with women all over him and he responding. no he is not a saint. but, will follow his career once he is back to acting. just think he has a lot of potential in the movie business. waiting for the clinic to come out. may god bless him and his family for all what they are enduring.

  36. chuck

    spartaus show gave andy the male bonding he was lacking as he had been so busy with other things. he ended up being best friends with jai. he refers to the actors and actresses as his family. somewhere along the line he forgot who his real family is, his wife and kids. spanish kitichen event only proved that. the temptation was too great for him not to pursue this woman. fame comes at a cost sometimes. now he has his cancer back and again the real people who should matter the most is there for him every step of the way, his wife, kids and parents. these are the people who truly love him. it will not be easy going through the treatments and having to give up what he most desired as an actor but through god’s grace he will beat this cancer fully this time and come out of this a better person, husband and father. lots of people are praying for his recovery and knowing you put your all in spartaus not to be forgotten. whoever takes that role will have a hard act to follow.

  37. adrian

    wish andy the best of health and that he fully heals from his cancer. praying that it will be quick. guess starz is looking at 3 people for his role. stephen amell looks the best. however, andy will be hard to be replaced. hopeing that andy will be back to the 3rd season to complete his journey. he did an outstanding job and should not be forgotten. wish his family all the prayers for the ordeal they are under. yes, i believe andy and his wife will reunite as a real couple should be.

  38. mandy

    my husband has a brother two years younger who is not married. they have a deep love for one another and are good friends. do they hang out? no. he does come for dinners, holidays and get together here at home for all the sport games, etc. his brother is quite good looking and draws quite a few women for his pleasure. his brother respects our marriage and does not get my husband involved with his games. it is not a good situation for a married man to hang out with a single man on a regular basis. only can lead to trouble. think that was apparent for andy at the spanish kitichen. we did watch spartaus and thought it was a great show for tv and andy did an outstanding job. he will be missed as spartaus. wish him the best of health and beat this cancer in full this time. praying also for his wife and kids to be strong during this time. hope andy remembers who his real partner and love is, his wife.

  39. hannah

    there is nothing wrong with a married man or woman having a single best friend as long as they know where to draw the line. it is apparant andy did not do that at the spanish kitichen event. that is where trouble can take place. wishing him the best of health and to fully heal from this cancer. praying for him and his family to give them strength during this ordeal.

  40. jenny

    right now andy can use all the friends he has with his family support to fight this terrible disease. yes, he did not draw the line when it came to the spanish kitichen event. even so, hopefully he has learned the difference between love for his wife and lust for another woman. praying for a complete recovery and that he and his family remain strong and healthy.

  41. jack

    lots of men lust after a woman even when married but they do not touch. andy did both. yes, he crossed the line so to speak. do not believe his wife was on his mind at the time. sorry he went back into cancer as he will be missed in spartaus. he did a great job and made the performance believeable. thought john hannah did an excellent job as well.

  42. anna

    praying that andy will beat this cancer and restore to full health. one thing i learned early in life is that forgiveness is just as powerful as love. god be with both him and his family during this difficult time.

  43. ada

    ffrom experience forgiveiness is fine and dandy til it is repeated over and over again. then one has to make a very serious decision when not to forgive. wish andy the best of health and to fully recover but also to treasure his family with more respect in the future.

  44. seth

    well nothing like getting caught in the act of picking up a woman for the night. both were just as eager to be togther. she was soo after him and of course he went right along with it. does this hurt anyone. yes, his wife i am sure. then of course, he has never really talked much about his wife in the past. do not wish cancer on anybody and hope he fully recovers and heals emotionally as well as physically and to continue to pursue his dreams..

  45. anna

    the blonde chick was soo after andy that night that i am sure she had it all planned out for them to be together. yes, he is responsible for his own actions but sure the temptation was over whelming. both seemed quite pleased it was being video. andy could not keep his hands off her. i feel bad his cancer has returned and do hope for a full recovery. it may take awhile for him to regain his strength but do hope he is back on the screen as he really is a good actor. praying for him and his family and that he and his wife do become much closer and love one another through out their lives. he will definitely be missed as spartaus and not sure he can be replaced.

  46. david

    i believe when he thanked his friends for their cancer support he went way to far with the blonde . how obvious what those two were after, a night together. why in the world would he pursue her knowing it was being filmed is beyond me. oh well, he has to live with it. wish him the best of health and beat his return cancer and that his family remians strong during this difficult time.

  47. amy

    rented spartaus. well, have mixed feelings about it. in the long run thought it was a pretty good show. thought the sex scenes were quite graphic. on andy’s part it looked pretty real. guess in this show you can do anything. looking at the pictures of the spanish kitichen event no doubt in my mind this blonde and andy had a thing going. do not believe he was commited to his marriage at that time. maybe he is now, who knows. he will be hard to replace as spartaus but wish him a full recovery from his cancer and that he will respect and love his wife more in the future.

  48. jeb

    when andy had cancer the first time he stated he was bored. well, after filming spartaus and doing all the tours to promote the show and getting all that attention guess he would of been bored. then he went into remission and left for ca. well, he surely made up for it at the spanish kitichen event. now he has his cancer back. do pray for a full recovery but remember you have your wife and kids to support you with a host of family and friends. lot of people do not have that. spend quality time with your family and the time will pass and will receive great enjoyment from it especially watching your children progress in their early development. this will give you the strength to get by each day and do remember who has been the one person by your side all the way, your wife.

  49. jim

    this was more than flirting. this was an act of seduction. when he got into that car with the blonde he sealed his fate for the night. how very hurtful it must of been for the wife if in fact she knows about it.

  50. ellen

    told my friend about spartaus and how much i loved it and especially andy who is without a doubt fantastic. she told me about the spanish kitichen event and to look it up. so i did. yes, that is a total seduction if i ever saw one between those two. so disappointed. his wife did not deserve this. do wish him to recover from his cancer but somehow he needs to treasure his wife better in the future. what a bumber.

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