Sparks Flying Between Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler?

Worker bee Jennifer Aniston hasn’t missed a beat since her breakup from John Mayer, seen here hard at work on her latest film, The Baster. But as it turns out, Aniston is mixing business with pleasure.

The yoga-loving actress is set to star in two back-to-back films in which she will co-star with hunky RocknRolla star Gerard Butler. The two were rumored to have a romantic connection at the Toronto Film Festival, but now a source tells the Daily Mail, “She’s no longer keeping her admiration for him secret.”

It was at Aniston’s request that the 39-year-old Scottish actor star in the Goree Girls, which the Friends star is set to both star in and direct. The snitch added, “Jen has said they have fabulous chemistry and would be great on screen together. She’s put tremendous pressure on her agent to get these projects to go ahead.”

Well, if she has to date another Hollywood type, at least Gerard seems to have a bit more grit to him. I’m going to guess he doesn’t use nearly as much hair and skin care products as most guys she dates.

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