‘Southland’ Picked Up For A Fourth Season

TNT announced that Southland has been renewed for a fourth season, according to TV On My Mind.  The cop drama initially premiered on NBC, but it was canceled to make room for more stellar programming like The Jay Leno Show.  Fortunately, TNT swooped in to save the critically acclaimed series and brought it back to life, airing the original NBC episodes as their first season.  According to the cable network, Southland averaged 2.9 million viewers per week during its third season, a 6% increase over season two.  TNT released the following statement about the show’s fourth season:

“SOUTHLAND has been acknowledged by many critics as one of the sharpest, most entertaining and most authentic dramas on television today.  John Wells, Chris Chulack and their teams created a brilliant roller coaster ride this season, with countless riveting scenes and unforgettable character arcs.  We are extremely proud to have SOUTHLAND on TNT and to bring it back for a fourth season.”

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This is excellent news and sort of makes up for the fact that they killed off Kevin Alejandro’s character, Nate.  Is Sammy still hellbent on avenging Nate’s death?  Will Officer Cooper emerge from rehab and relapse?  These are the burning questions we hope to have answered in season four.