‘Southland’ And ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Stars At The Monte Carlo TV Fest [PHOTOS]

The casts of Southland and The Vampire Diaries posed for photos today (June 12th) during the 52nd Annual Monte Carlo TV Festival, a five-day gathering of small screen stars on the French Riviera to screen episodes of favorite series and take part in Q&As with show creators, producers, etc.

Today’s photocall included Michael Cudlitz, Regina King, Ben McKenzie and Shawn Hatosy from the TNT drama, and Michael Trevino, Joseph Morgan and Jack Coleman (Caroline’s deceased father) from the CW hit, heading into its highly-anticipated fourth season.  I am totally digging Trevino’s jeans, a fashionable reminder that summer is here and your yacht is waiting.

Nina Dobrev told TV Line (via Ace Showbiz) that her character, Elena will not have the easiest time adjusting to her new lot in life.  “I think she’s gonna freak out. I think Elena’s not gonna happy about it because she didn’t even know. She kind of accepted death and told Stefan to save Matt, not herself.”

In the season finale, the truck Matt and Elena were in crashed into a river, drowning both of them.  Stefan pulled Matt out, but was unable to save Elena.  Little did he know (or did he) that Elena had vampire blood in her when she died, which means…she’s now a vamp!

Please raise your hand if you want Klaus and Caroline to start dating.