Sources Say Brit Should Just Name Her Next Album “Heavy Metal Vomit Party”

Page Six had a blurb about how music industry sources are bitching that Britney’s new album can’t be marketed due to her partying ways.

Britney Spears is trying to put out her comeback album in November, but music industry sources say Jive Records is going to have trouble selling it to the public if the pop tart continues partying.

Spears, who was supposed to record tracks throughout November, December and this month, stopped going to studio sessions because it interfered with her late-night antics.

“Right now, she is trying to lay down some tracks, but no one is keen to move very quickly because there is the issue of how to market the album,” an insider said. “Jive hasn’t even picked producers for the album.”

Wait, you can record without a producer?

Keep reading for a really unflattering description of Brit, plus more unflattering photos of Britney Spears, after the jump.


The record execs are also concerned about Britney’s image. “If she doesn’t clean up her act – and soon – it is going to be a problem. The public has grown really tired of her antics and despite her and [manager Larry Rudolph] promising she would change, she hasn’t,” continued our source. “She has lost her core fan base of teen girls.”

Spears has gone out almost every night for more than a month to clubs in L.A. and Las Vegas, spending many nights away in hotels with her latest man candy, male model Isaac Cohen, instead of going home to her two sons, Sean Preston and Jaden James.

Before she split with her best friend of one week, bad-influence Paris Hilton, Spears was photographed four times without underwear. She vomited at a club. Her wild ways took a toll on her looks, causing the once fresh-faced beauty to break out in acne and look puffy, overweight and exhausted.

Ouchie. Well at least her uglying herself up has been fun for her. And us. I’ve said it before. All she needs is a come to Jesus meeting with a capable stylist. And she might want to see her kids for a couple of minutes. They keep asking their nanny who that fat blonde is who keeps getting their names wrong, and putting out her cigarettes in their apple juice.