Sounds Like Diddy Got Rough

So Diddy is being sued for assault due to an altercation outside of an post-Oscar party last February. Several eyewitnesses backed up plaintiff Gerard Rechnitzer’s claims of getting his ass beat in court papers filed on Wednesday. Diddy reportedly roughed up Rechnitzer outside Teddy’s at the Roosevelt Hotel on Feb. 25. Witness Marianna Ruiz, who was with Rechnitzer’s group, claimed “I just kind of remember seeing him go flying, not flying as in like feet off the ground, but he went back significantly,I was just in shock that somebody would … just kind of strike somebody out of nowhere.” Another witness testified that Diddy tried to spit on Rechnitzer. That’s so foul. I’m all for the hitting and throwing people into taxis. But the only reason to spit on someone is if they hit your Mom or something. Or won’t return your Buffy Season 3 DVD. Um, it’s the season with Faith? Thank you.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online