‘Soul Surfer’s’ Bikini Babes and Special Effects

February 5th, 2010 // 4 Comments

Oh, cringe, I totally remember when this happened.

When tiny competitive surfer Bethany Hamilton was only 13 a tiger shark bit off her left arm.  The super survivor got back on the surf board three weeks later and at 19 is a top professional surfer and best selling author of Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board

Now the books is being made into a film with AnnaSophia Robb, who sure is sporting green armband during filming yesterday so that the arm can be digitally removed later. I don’t know if she is supposed to be 13 there, but I hope not. I honestly know very little about this alleged up-and-comer except she was in a bunch of movies I never saw: the remake of Race To The Witch Mountain with Dwayne Johnson, Sleepwalking with Charlize TheronTim Burton‘s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Bridge to Terabithia.

The biopic also seems to be a vehicle for celebrity offspring since Lorraine Nicholson (Jack Nicholson‘s daughter) appears in the checkered bikini as Hamilton’s friend Alana Blanchard, and Pierce Brosnan’s son, Sean Brosnan, will play Bethany’s brother Noah.

Hamilton, herself, will be filming some of the post accident surfing stunts, which is awesome. She says “They wanted a one-armed person doing it and that’s not easy to find.” Good point, but you should be in it anyway.

Jail Bait and Barely Legal take some time out from shooting to be oddly touched by some elder gentleman who we hope are part of the crew and to make me feel bad by doing some crunches.

By Madison Ventura

  1. MackTaylor

    What is she wearing for a bottom? It looks almost see through. Not a good choice.

  2. evan rhodes

    Very interesting just posted a link from http://www.postmodernsurfer.com Thanks

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