Sorry Ladies, Taylor Lautner Is Officially Off The Market!

Taylor Lautner Films
Oh no! Not the face! Taylor Lautner on 'Tracers' set.
The selfie says it all!

Taylor Lautner and his Tracers co-star, Marie Avgeropoulous have gone public with their off-screen romance when they were seen canoodling on Monday in Soho.

The 21-year-old Twilight star and the 27-year-old brunette beauty have been on romance rumor patrol for weeks but the two have finally confirmed it by going public.

Ugh. NO. I mean, it’s not like I could get Taylor anyway, but he is just so hot!

A source told that, “Taylor’s having a great time with Marie but I doubt it will last after they finish this movie,” the source says. “My guess is this will be a fun summer fling for Taylor because his number one priority is his career. He is extremely driven and ambitious and wants to become the biggest action star in the world.”

I just love when couples get together after filming a movie together like Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck or Brad and Angelina. It’s so Hollywood cliche. I’m sorry to say, but I have a strong feeling these two will call it quits all too soon.

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