Tony Romo’s Penis Must Be Made Of Diamonds

November 2nd, 2007 // 8 Comments

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I don’t get it. He gets all this famous ass. I would say hot, but Carrie Underwood, Britney Spears and this drunk chick from “One Tree Hill” don’t do it for me. He’s sorta…dopey-looking. Cutesy, but gangly. Maybe it’s the star quarterback thing. Tony Romo just got finished being linked with mother of the decade Britney Spears and now he’s onto Sophia Bush. She probably needs the distraction. Do you know this chick has to work on “One Tree Hill” with her ex-husband who is currently engaged to some teenage extra? That can not be a fun commute to work. “Sonuvabitch. I’m gonna explode his trailer!”

Nearly four months after splitting with Carrie Underwood, 24, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, 27, was spotted dining with Bush on October 22, and he introduced her to his parents the next night!

“She can’t believe it’s happening so fast!” says a Bush friend, adding that the actress, 25, already has plans to fly east to attend ­Romo’s game against the New York Giants on November 11.

Dude, “introduced her to his parents the next night” means one thing. Psycho. She better haul ass out of there or she’s going to end up beaten when the towels don’t line up on the rack in the bathroom. Oh and as for the story about Britney giving Big Tony a lap dance, sources say that “Tony was disgusted with Britney. It was purely Britney wanting to do it. All he can talk about is Sophia these days.” Well, yeah. Who wants a meaty drunk woman bouncing on your lap with snack cake crumbs a’flyin and her greasy wig smacking you in the face? That photo of the naked burned Vietnamese girl running down the street is more erotic.

By J. Harvey

  1. JD

    You’re kidding right? Tall, slim AND muscular…and you know what they say about the tall gangly types…good looking and he knows his way around a shaver. Plus he’s from the Upper Midwest which has some of the nicest and hottest men in the country. And with that smile…what’s not to like? An absolute babe.

  2. jackson

    are you kidding? you know this guy is packing. and that goofy smile just melts.

  3. rootabega

    J likes the bears

  4. ISeriouslyDoubtIt

    I seriously doubt his appeal is his weiner. Sad fact is there are very few straight men left in the world. The majority are closeted gays living fake lives. Someone should start a breeding factory producing heterosexual men only.

  5. JaneSays

    “Dude, “introduced her to his parents the next night” means one thing. Psycho.” – Or he could be trying to hide a secret from his parents, like a boyfriend! Remember when Sophia was hanging out with Austin ?? (Gyllenhaal’s good “friend”) a few months ago? The girl is earning her beard wings one nobody at a time. And coming from a major had, I say “Good job, Sophia!!”

  6. Jenna Mitchell

    Kitten, please. Tomo Romo is the tastiest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Granted, I live in Dallas, and am a Cowboys fan. But Romo has single-handedly converted girly-girls everywhere into football-obsessed, beer guzzling, 7-layer dip noshing freaks. Simply because he shows up on the screen, looking anything but gangly, in tight pants and then rests briefly on the sideline, complete with a big smile and backward baseball cap. He gets me so hot I could damn near slide off of my chair, if you know what I mean. :) Viva Romo!

    p.s. and he’s a really, really good QB

  7. stolidog

    he’s hot

    ready for it:
    I’d catch his pass any day

  8. queencrone

    I’m still pissed cause they didn’t beat New England. And now, today, the colts didn’t beat NE
    either. Come on guys.

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