Sophia Grace & Rosie Perform On ‘Ellen,’ Will Hit Up The Grammys [VIDEO]

Keri Hilson
The singer channeled Diana Ross for a 'Letterman' appearance.
They’re back!  Britain’s snazziest exports performed again on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Sophia Grace Browlee took her talents to a whole new level.  The tutu-encased whippet covered Keri Hilson’s “Turn My Swag On,” then freestyled to the delight of her audience. 

Meanwhile, Hype Girl Rosie McClelland seems to have gotten a big more comfortable on camera, waving her hands round and round and showing a little swagger in her step (and still, we hear nothing from the mouth of this babe).

DeGeneres told the little girls she was so pleased with their performance, that she wants to send them to Sunday’s Grammy Awards as red carpet correspondents.  Sophia Grace and Rosie did a bang-up job at the American Music Awards, so we can’t wait to see what kind of stops they pull out for Sunday’s event.  DeGeneres event had gold tutu dresses made for her newest stars, which sent Sophia Grace into a glass case of emotion.

Watch the video.  It’s friggin’ adorable.