Sophia Grace & Rosie Get Fancy From Some Shopping At The Grove [PHOTOS]

Raise your hand if you wish you were Sophia Grace and Rosie.

It’s true. Everybody wishes they could just have a taste of the awesomeness that is the life of these two girls. After making it big with their awesome YouTube video of “Super Bass”, Sophia Grace and Rosie have been regular fixtures on the Ellen Show. Did you see them interviewing people after the MTV Movie Awards? It’s amazing!

The two cuties were spotted at The Grove today sporting some adorable matching outfits. Now, do you think they choose the matching outfits themselves? Or is that a parental decision? 

And look! They’re buying stuff from The American Girl store! Do you guys know how expensive that stuff is? You can 5 outfits for a real baby for the price of one outfit for a doll. Sure The American Girl store is the most amazing place in the world, but still. Ugh, can’t I just be them?

Launch the gallery to check out all the cuteness that is Sophia Grace and Rosie. I really appreciate that Rosie has gotten more talkative recently. Tell us how much you wish you were them in the comments!