Sophia Grace And Rosie Return To ‘Ellen!’ [VIDEO]

A few weeks ago, Sophia Grace Brownlee and her hype girl, Rosie McClelland went on Ellen to perform “Super Bass” in honor of their favorite singer, Nicki Minaj.  Things went so swimmingly, that DeGeneres invited them back yesterday to catch up.  Dressed in new digs (but still sticking to the pink tutu style they know and love), Sophia Grace, 8, and Rosie, 5, sat down with Ellen to talk about how famous they are post-You Tube fame (23 million people, to date).

Sophia Grace has since lost a tooth and scored two pounds, and she simply couldn’t save her reward.  “I bought two little pony toys,” SG told DeGeneres.  And what did SG think of  meeting Minaj?  “Oh, that was just so good.  I couldn’t get to sleep that night.”

And what did the girls think of Ellen’s Halloween costume?  “That’s Ellen and she was dressed up as me,” Sophia Grace shouted jovially.  “And she even had her own hype girl!  And Tony dressed up as Nicki Minaj!”

I’d like to get me one of those tutu dresses.  Catch the interview PLUS a special performance by the girls after the jump.