Something’s Different: Victoria Beckham Makes A Change In New York City

Scandalous, Victoria!
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Being a fashion icon is hard work.

Just ask Victoria Beckham. With everyone watching your every move and wondering what (or who) you’re wearing, you can’t disappoint.

However, when whether conditions could potentially threaten your safety, you need to make a chance to ensure you keep yourself out of harm’s way.

Just yesterday, February 10, Beckham needed assistance from her father in order to get over a patch of ice in high heels, which she often wears. Looks like there is no room for remnants of Posh Spice to shine through in New York City.

While heading to her office in the city today, the brunette beauty was spotted in much more comfortable looking shoes. What a change she has made!

After leaving her show yesterday, Victoria was spotted with her family (and her heels) heading out to lunch. The spot is one they frequently visit, so you know what that means! Want to see the gorgeous family? Visit that restaurant.

Not only is New York Fashion Week impacting the family, but so is David Beckham’s latest career move. If you haven’t heard, he’s the proud owner of his own football (soccer) team! His wife is reportedly “thrilled” about the business venture.

When speaking about his wife and his team, Becks shared, “Victoria has spent time in Miami before so she’s excited but obviously I am going to be spending a lot more time here.” Another chance to spot the family! Are you lot taking notes?

We may not be able to run into them, but you can take a peek at our photo gallery and get some clothing inspiration from the lovely fashionista!

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