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April 10th, 2007 // 39 Comments


Roseanne opened her mouth and showed a naked desire for some media ink . Seriously, this bitch was ALL over gay rights back when it was fashionable and now we suck? What does her TV daughter Sara Gilbert think about this, who I’m pretty sure is a lesbian? Whatever. I’m just sore cause she sorta has a point. I’m not gonna lie, I’m more concerned with being able to be married in any state like hetero people can do more than anything else. But don’t you kinda focus first on what the group that you’re part of needs and then branch out from there? Is this biddy out there marching to raise the minimum wage? Also, I know gays who aren’t as (supposedly) selfish as me who are out there doing there thing for other causes. So what’s she talking about? Why am I debating this with myself? Is this really worth it? To break it down – blow me, pig!

I was listening to this radio show online from the station KCAA which Roseanne is a regular co-host of. They had as a phone-in guest African-American lesbian activist Jasmyne Cannick.

Anyway, Roseanne made a pretty outrageous statement at about the 29 minute mark:

Never once in my 54 years have I ever once heard a gay or lesbian person who’s politically active say one thing about anything that was not about them. They don’t care about minimum wage, they don’t care about any other group other than their own self because you know, some people say being gay and lesbian is a totally narcissistic thing and sometimes I wonder.

I’ve never heard any of them say anything except for “accept me ’cause I’m gay.”
It’s just, it’s screwed. It’s no different than the evangelicals, it’s the same mindset. They want you to accept Jesus and you guys want us to all believe it’s ok to be gay. And a lot of us, a lot of them, I do, I don’t give a damn who anybody has sex with, as long as they’re not underage and an animal. I don’t give a damn, it’s none of my damn business. I’m just sick of all the divisiveness, it’s not getting any of us anywhere.

Narcissistic – well yeah, duh. Dumbass. But does she really think we’re really the same as evangelical Jesus camp people? Seriously? Bitch, you got to get married three times to a variety of fat losers who hopefully beat your ass across the many trailers you lived in. I get shit when I hold my boyfriend’s hand when I walk down the street. And I live in Boston. Imagine what happens to queers who grow up near tractors? Jesus, and to think I really thought this broad was cool back in her day and I liked her show. What a gyp. Stupid bitch. God, now she got me all serious. I HATE THAT!

By J. Harvey

  1. stolidog

    as if the gays are the divisive ones. the nutters spew hatred about gays every day in their sermons and the gays just wanna hold hands in boston.

  2. mg

    J – As a gay, I have to say, you go too far and are too sensitive and negative. Getting close to not reading your posts anymore.

  3. jac

    I see your point. It must suck to feel ridiculed everyday if you choose to be homosexual in public. I fully support gay rights, but it’d be nice if we actually put that money and effort and time (that much of the gay community exhibits) into education and helping people who don’t have money to feed or clothe their children. Marriage is a superficial problem, fixing this will not help us promote tolerance in the future. I see the need for it though, it’spretty damn stupid to say one group cant get married. I disagree with the person who says J is too sensitive. I think you’re just kind of pissed off. Can it.

  4. desertboy

    This ignorant bitch has obviously never met any Log Cabin Republicans. They are all gay and they couldn’t care less about “gay issues”. All they care about is their wallets and glorifying Herr Bush like all true Republicans. Just fyi.. I’m gay and I support the Sierra Club and Greenpeace with my hard earned money and time. I know a lot of gays in both groups. The guy who runs PETA is gay. If Roseass would actually take the time to meet gay people instead of looking for stereotypes she’d be a lot happier and learn to live and let live.

  5. Here’s the thing: the fight for equality is an either/or proposition. Until we eradicate racism, homophobia will exist, and vice versa. There is a shocking lack of concern among many gay folks on race issues (says the gay white boy). You’re right that we can’t fight every fight, but a general concern and awareness that we’re not the only oppressed folks around would be nice.

  6. “I’m just sore cause she sorta has a point.”


  7. stolidog

    s.t.o.p. generalizing.
    every gay is unique, as is every other person on the planet.
    anyone who agrees with any comment, made by any person, that clumps any group of people together, is apparently too stupid to care.
    Well, except the Jackson family, they’re pretty clumpable.

  8. Rechula

    Roseanne clearly knows little about social and political movements because if she did, she wouldn’t make such stupid comments. Does she also think that blacks shouldn’t have marched in Birmingham to demand racial equality and instead should have marched against McCarthyism? Or does she think that women shouldn’t have fought as Suffragists, demanding the right to vote, and instead became active in Civil War or WWI efforts at home?

    And did Roseanne ever come to think that if the gay and lesbian community did NOT rally around their issues and instead diluted their efforts by supporting other (worthy) causes that no one would pick up the slack? I mean, there are not many non-gay/lesbian folks out there running to pick up the cause…

  9. Rechula

    And I agree that normally social activists do NOT support one cause. I’m a social/political activist who supports a HUGE list of causes, while working on the ones which I feel need the most help.

  10. rdiggity1

    wait a minute, I have to make sure animals aren’t underage now? Do we use animal years or people years?

  11. Giselle

    Interesting this of all comments would piss someone off.

    I’d have to agree with Rosanne on this one. Living in San Francisco with the majority of my close friends being homosexual – everything, every issue is all about their sexuality not that anyone else cares. Should we have Italian or Mexican for dinner? “Well as a gay man I would prefer…”

    WTF does that have to do with what we have for dinner?

    Being a black female with homosexual friends, my friends and I have come to the conclusion that we as humans are extremely selfish creatures. We are only concerned with ourselves and by the term ourselves we mean “ME” not you or us. And now finally homosexuals have a voice in the media (though some don’t use it effectively for positive change but to whine and bitch) they are feeling the need to try to censor and prevent people from expressing their personal opinions.
    Really who cares that Roseanne expressed her own viewpoint on something – doesn’t J. do that all day long?

  12. stolidog

    Geez Giselle, I’m a gay in san francisco and i sure hope you’re not in my circle of friends, because, let’s face it, you can’t be all that close to your supposed gay friends.
    sorry to call you out on it, but you’re full of shit.
    to be honest, i’ve got dozens and dozens of gay/lesbian friends. we talk gay issues when we are having a gay issues talk, we talk about rain when we are having a weather talk, and we talk about mexican food when we are hungry. God, we are just SOOOO narcisistic.

  13. Anne

    I find it interesting that while berating others for derogatory comments about your homosexuality, you feel free to use the deragatory term “gyp”. At least she didn’t use the term “faggot”

  14. desertboy

    Crazy bitch just realized she was alienating the only audience she has left (gays) so she has issued a half assed apology.

  15. Tractor gay

    As a gay teenager growing up on a farm in southern Virginia (yeah I know rare breed right) i can definitely say there are some gay people who are all about the gay and only the gay. That being said not all of us are about gay 24/7 and define themselves as only gay (including myself,) but in the end I do have to basically agree with her. Back off her because she does make a valid point.

  16. Cwiz24

    You get all bent out of shape because Roseanne made an astute observation about gay people who are in the public eye. Yet, you feel like you need to go and ‘hope’ that she was beaten up by her husbands. Nice, dude. Real classy. Keep it up. The line between witty and dumb might be finer than you think.

  17. JaneSays

    I feel sorry for her for making that statement. Not just because it’s ignorant but because it sounds like she has either chosen to ignore the numerous non-LGBT causes that so many gays support or has chosen to surround herself with gays that are as narcissistic and uninformed as herself. In just taking stock of my own life/friends, my gay friends are always the first to offer help to those that need it. She makes me sick. She should write another trite tome and entitle this one “Back In Da Day – When My Life Observations Were Witty, Relevant and/or Amusing – In The Early 90s”. Dennis Miller can be her co-author…

  18. littco

    I don’t like her. But she spoke the truth.

  19. giselle

    Stolidog – I don’t think that you and I know each other. At least I hope I don’t know someone who refers loves Stoli so much its their handle. Wait, Marcus is that you? You promised to keep going to at least 3 meeting a week. No, Marcus’ handle would be KetelOne or GreyGooser or Ineednewaliver.

    We both live in SF and since I have many homosexual friends and you’re homosexual therefore I must know YOU. Cause there are only 750,000 people in SF proper. But you are a bright and shining light that everyone knows, right? Just because someone speaks about a group that you belong to doesn’t mean their speaking about you specifically.

    Your world centers around you, as mine revolves primary around me. However, I understand and respect other people’s right to express their opinions, no matter how odd I may find it to be.

    I know that you and I could not possibly run in the same crowd because my friends realise that it would be incredibly facist to try to stifle people’s right to express their opinions just because they differ from yours.

    And Stolidog, gay narcissist’s, have you seen in the number of stores with mirrors in the front windows between Church and Castro on Market? I could open the most successful business in the Castro – I would sell time in front of a a mirror with perfect lighting. Narcissis wouldn’t be able to pull himself away from his reflection. Even Gavin would be a regular.

  20. L

    i bloody hate roseanne and the things that come out of her mouth, be it true or false.

    J Harvey you still rock!

  21. Michelle

    She’s not bashing gays, at all. And odds are what she said was taken out of context, maybe she talked about other groups as well. Either way, its not that big of a deal. & I’m bisexual, so I have a valid opinion. :)

  22. Ann Weaver

    “The nutters spew hatred in their sermons?!” You have got to be kidding me with that statement-especially considering how racist and bigoted so many people in the gay community are against people of faith and people of color. Furthermore, it is ridiculous to base your identity and a movement on who you sleep with and think that it some how gives you minority status and puts you in the same category as those of us who born female and or of color.

    Yeah, people are nutty if they have moral judgments about sexual behavior. Interesting, very curious to see how you feel about people who engage in incest, bestiality, necrophilia, pedophilia I am sure they are okay as long aren’t Christian.

  23. Yummsh

    “Furthermore, it is ridiculous to base your identity and a movement on who you sleep with.”

    Really? Straight people seem to think it’s perfectly fine to do just that. Look at advertising. Look at TV. Straight people defining themselves and their culture by who they fuck is perfectly fine, but when gays do it? Oooh… narcissism.

    Substitute the word “black” for the words “gay” or “lesbian” up there in Roseanne’s speech. Creepy, huh? Not saying she’s a raging bigot, but what she said was ridiculous and ignorant.

  24. Oh, and Anne – “gyp” is not a derogatory term. It means “rip-off”. Look it up.

  25. Sue


    “Gyp” is taken from Gypsy. As in, “Gypsy’s steel, they’ll rip you off.” Which is where the saying came from. It’s like saying “Jewed,” although, more acceptable.

  26. Sue

    Or… steal.

  27. Mollie

    “Substitute the word “black” for the words “gay” or “lesbian” up there in Roseanne’s speech. Creepy, huh?”

    Nope. Not creepy at all. Probably even more valid than her saying gays are only interested in gay issues.

  28. eseu

    It is really ridiculous to base your identity and your movement with whom you sleep with and then equate it to more serious issues like racism. Well, I can only say that people are just taking advantage of the so called “Freedom” in the constitution. Freedom to associate, freedom to do this and do that. As curious as Ann Weaver (a previous commentator), I would like to know when “Pedophites and Necrophites” begins to ask for their own freedom. I mean, there must be some limitations to certain things including “Gayism and Lesbianism”.

  29. addicted

    Wow there are some stupid and scary people commenting on this site (and some smart and not-scary ones too). I agree gyp is an offensive term – amazing how accepted it is to say it.

  30. Caroline

    I think everyone’s jumping the gun a bit on this. It’s true that people focus on what’s most important for them. Why is it wrong to say that a lot of gay people are into changing what will serve them the most? Most gay people I know are very into gay rights, and not much else. I think she’s just saying maybe it would be nice to be concerned about other people’s problems, too. Like keeping abortion legal. Or what actually is going on in Iraq.

  31. Reality Man

    I notice that just about every gay person in this thread started their response with “I’m a gay in…”

    Is that not the point Roseanne was making?

  32. Sidenote first: Why would J. Harvey consider Roseanne a Gypsy…he obviously meant jipped off (which I don’t know if there is a formal correct spelling for anyways)

    Main Point: So what if homosexuals are all about themselves. When was the last time you saw a greenpeace boat pull up to a whaling ship and declare equal rights for all person, gay, straight, bisexual or transsexual??? THAT’S THE WHOLE DAMN POINT OF ACTIVISM isn’t it?????? Being all about the issue!! Gimme a break. How does one expect anything to change in regards to certain issues if people don’t make a “stink” about it and continue to make a stink about it. That’s how blacks have come to be accepted for the most part, as well as women. It would be one thing to agree with Rosie if everyone had equal rights already and there was no need to be politically self-centered, and homosexuals were still “all about themselves” chanting, and chastising others for being unfair, BUT THAT’S NOT THE CASE. Geez peoples….get a clue.


  33. kelly

    Caroline, that was the first smart thing I’ve read in this comment thread

  34. Jumping on the offended bandwagon, as an evengelical christian i’m annoyed! My friends, family, church and I are super involved in “non-evangelical” charities (ie. environmental issues, foodbank, global disasters, literacy etc.). Gays aren’t the only ones who get ingnorantly stereotyped!

  35. Gee, I had no idea there were so many gypsies on this board. Tell me, gypsy – how much for your wares?


  36. cdawg

    i cant read anymore of these comments.

    First of all J. you ROCK! this website is the funniest and snarkiest, keep it up!

    Secondly, I do see sooooome merit in the statements and what Giselle says – as a member of any minority group, GENERALLY you are first and most concerned with your own rights, and then you can branch out and support other causes. Now i say generally b/c that’s what it is – a generalization. It doens’t mean all of you, or all of us. She’s certainly an idiot for saying it, but do NOT berate Giselle or J. for seeing merit in the argument.

    I love Roseanne (the show) and will keep watching it on reruns. She’s a funny broad.

    Also, I am personally soooo sick of the politically correct culture we have now.

  37. ShutIT

    I’m gay, and I’ll say this….she’s right! Gay folks have to realize that being gay doesn’t define who you are as a person. It’s just a piece of who you are. And everything in the world doesn’t HAVE to revolve around that. I’m a daughter, a friend, an animal activist, a traveler, a student, a church-goer, a charity-giver, a writer, and so much more! I mean seriously — tell your friends that you’re supporting breast cancer this year as opposed to their softball tournaments and HRC, and it’s as if you shot their mothers! Tell them you have some Republican idealogies about LESS government intervention and more capitalistic freedom and you’re ostracized for life! Tell them you believe in God and they all snicker behind your back! Seriously, someone needs to tell the gay population to be more tolerant of the diversity within their own community! It’s total hypocrisy!
    P.S. Someone needs to tell Rosie and the world that there was a time in history when REPUBLICAN meant LESS government intervention, more rights and more business freedom.

  38. cdawg

    I agree caroline and Angel.

    There is nothing wrong with supporting only the cause of the group to which you belong to

  39. cdawg

    Whoops i didn’t mean to say ONLY. i meant to say FIRST of all

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