Someone Has Had Some Work Done

March 16th, 2006 // 29 Comments

What did you go and do that for Sandy?

(Image via Dlisted]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Small Fry

    Woof Woof! She is looking a lot like Janice Dickinson…….and not in a good way.

  2. tia

    Who she pointin at ?

  3. Tasannie

    She doesn’t even look like the same person anymore. That’s really sad.

    And why didn’t she get the neck done if she was going to do the face?

  4. mylilsin

    reason number 143 why i will grow old gracefully…at least my “fans” will be able to recognize me- HA!

  5. $tutteringveronica

    She must have the same surgeon as Priscilla Presley.

  6. I would rather look old than scary. How sad.

  7. Silasdog

    Damn, I saw that same neck on a turkey one time.

  8. Sarah

    Hmmm…someone has best friends in Switzerland…

  9. Gabbie

    You think SHE looks bad you should check out her daughter Chloe…she’s only 19 and looks like she’s had even more work done than her mother.

  10. Is this supposed to be Olivia Newton-John?

  11. kanga

    Gabbie I have seen her daughter, i was actually gonna post osmething about it myself till i saw you beat me to t ;-)

    she used to be alright looking and then in the last few months I saw a magazine with photos of her and she looks like a freak, i dont know why on earth she went and got surgery so young.

    Oliva should be ashamed of her self to let her daughter do that.

    Well i guess Danny has had a fair bit of surgery so why shouldnt Sandy???

  12. susiegrl

    NOT SANDY??!!
    Now she’ll never be a Pink Lady!!!

  13. las

    She actually didn’t look bad before. Pretty good, age considering. Now she looks like Priscilla Presley with Diane Sawyer’s hair.

  14. leo

    There are a zillion great photos of her…this one is not one of them. She’s kind of frowning…and, I’m sorry, she’s NOT had plastic surgery…I saw an interview with Olivia from Australia and she looks as beautiful as ever…and Chloe is a lovely young lady.

  15. Tamassar

    Leo honey, take a look at this photo:,10114,5123807,00.jpg

    If you think somebody can have that much sun damage on all of her skin except for on her face, you must be hopelessly devoted to your delusions.

  16. BB

    I don’t get it..
    i thought cosmetic surgery was supposed to make you look better?

    she doesn’t look like she had work done to me, she just looks like she got older and put on a little weight in her face maybe..?

  17. doofus

    as with most of you, except for the one deluded fan, I am so sad to see her like this. I didn’t even know who it was when I first looked at the picture.

    there were some recent pics of her on this site before, and she did look like she had aged (which she HAS!) but she still looked hot, wrinkles and all.

    to add to what Lisa V said…I also would rather look old than scary, and I’d also prefer to LOOK LIKE MYSELF! not some surgeon’s version of how I “should” look.

  18. lovedsandy

    Ok, she really looks like lonnie anderson there.

  19. Cheesy

    Oh, Lord–I honestly did not know who that was until I read the entire post!

  20. my2cents

    I didn’t recognize her either….WOW, what big cheek implants we have!

  21. Ani

    I never thought people who had cosmetic surgery looked younger. God she was so pretty. Maybe its from the swelling. Sigh.

  22. tocutetoscoot

    Is that Fergie’s mom?

  23. Tim

    Sorry kiddos, the one lone objector is right, ONJ has not had surgery, it is the photo. If you look at other photos of her currently, it is clear that she hasn’t. She looks great to be almost 60, just not in that photo.

  24. lovedsandy

    Take another look at the dlisted pics. Her forehead is expressionless and bit puffy and her lips are bigger than ever, which is the opposite of what happens as we age. at least botox and some lip filler.

  25. Jay

    She hasn’t had any work done! And come on, she’s nearly 60! Any of us should look so good! This is just a bad photo. We ALL have those moments

  26. Kathy

    She has some work done but it is fairly subtle (the photo is a bad one). Cheek implants maybe, brow lift, lasering and she used to have a vein in her forehead that’s now gone. On some close facial photos you can see the indents on her cheeks from the surgery. She denies it as she wants us mere mortals to think she is above ageing and it’s her great diet and positive outlook.

  27. Jacob

    I think some of you jerk wads need to back off. There are some pretty nasty comments about Olivia. Maybe you should develope some kind of knowledge about her before you go making comments like that. Olivia hasn’t had cosmetic work done. Its just the picture. Everybody is intitled to a bad picture every now and then.

  28. Very well said Jacob…

  29. Ang

    I love ONJ more than anything and I hate to jump on the bandwagon for those in denial but I’m watching her True Hollywood Story and almost cried when I saw what she looks like now. Another beautiful woman succumbing to the knife. Sigh.

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