Someone Finally Puts Peaches Geldof In The Headlock She Deserves

Peaches Geldof finally got what was coming to her at the Newark Airport in New Jersey on Wednesday when a security guard assigned to her and boyfriend Eli Roth put her in headlock! The obnoxious socialite and actor/director had the guard to help them get through airport security and avoid the paparazzi, but it seems like he’s the one they needed protection from!

When the paparazzi inevitably started snapping away, the guard shielded Peaches and got a little too physical…plus, he was drunk!

Peaches tweeted: “Me and Eli just got to the airport, someone had assigned Eli a guy
to walk us thru (sic) to the lounge, cos (sic) there were paps
(paparazzi) he put me in a crazy headlock, he was totally wasted
(drunk) and breathing his wino breath all over me & wouldn’t let me
go! So weird! I’m not Mariah Carey dude wtf (what the f**k)!?”

But Peaches had a good sense of humor about the whole thing. She added, “Eli keeps saying ‘What just happened!?’ It was like a David
Lynch-esque nightmare! Why was he wasted & shouting at airport
security!? I wonder who that guy was cos (sic) there are about a
million photos of me in a headlock!? Weirdest moment ever. I’m p**sing
myself laughing.”

Hey, that’s Jersey for you!