Someone Failed to Gird the April Vogue Cover

January 26th, 2007 // 6 Comments

(Image removed at request of Conde Nast.)

Someone is very naughty and possibly leaked the April ’07 UK Vogue cover featuring our favorite coke machine, Kate Moss. While it hasn’t been confirmed that this is indeed legit, let’s just bask in the possibility of a sneak peek. You just know somewhere out there you can hear the clippity-clop of Anna Wintour and her Dolce and Gabbana heels striding to a phone about to rip some poor UK secretary a new cake-hole. (Yes, I am aware cake-hole is a mouth.)

The Brits’ Vogue promises a preview of Kate’s “TopShop” collection, which is being eagerly awaited by adoring fans. Despite the fact that the magazine isn’t set to hit stands until April, rumors abound that the black dress she is rocking on the cover is from her collection for “TopShop,” but I swear I have seen it before. Any ideas? Cavalli maybe?

Want to See the Other Option for the UK Vogue April Cover? Take a Peek After the Jump.

By Cara Harrington

  1. sandman

    What does Anna Wintour have to do with UK Vogue?

  2. LJMS

    it looks fake… the letters at the bottom would run under the space where they place your adress…

  3. Jane J.

    You don’t rip someone a new cake-hole, you rip them a new A-hole, unless you mean ripping someone a new mouth, which would be novel.

  4. Julz

    Cavalli? More like Mattel…my 1973 Barbie was rocking that same Cokewhore look in my Barbie Dream Disco.

  5. HelenSparkles

    It is not exactly a secret here (in the UK) & I am sure she would do March for Anna.

  6. Elle

    Actually, Alexandra Schulman is the editor of UK Vogue and Anna Wintour can’t do anything about what she chooses to put in it. Not everything revolves around Ms. Wintour or the US, you know.

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