Someone Else Verbally Bitchslaps That Twit On The View

(Totally unrelated video, but why the hell not? Sing it girl.)

The only reason I would ever watch The View is to see people make that conservative cretin chick cry. Rosie’s apparently started getting around to it. Elizabeth was speaking in defense of the Patriot Act and big Rose shut her ass down.

On today’s edition of the crack-like ABC gabfest, Rosie O’Donnell got Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s conservative knickers into a big twist when Ro argued with her usual vehemence against the Patriot Act, concluding by hitting Liz with the ageist remark, “You’re very young, and you’re very wrong,” (E is 30, Ro is 45). This, of course, just wound Elisabeth right up, prompting a strange pointy hand-dance of rage.

Rosie then really stuck it to Elisabeth, suggesting that resorting to ageism is the only way she can bottle her Hulk-like rage to sit at the same table with someone with whom she disagrees “so abhorrently.”

Rosie’s almost as irritating as Hasselbeck, what with the haikus and the “liars get cancer” shtick. But if she were to reach over and clothesline that pinhead off her stool, there wouldn’t be a lot of sympathy.