Someone Else Verbally Bitchslaps That Twit On The View

February 28th, 2007 // 20 Comments

(Totally unrelated video, but why the hell not? Sing it girl.)

The only reason I would ever watch The View is to see people make that conservative cretin chick cry. Rosie’s apparently started getting around to it. Elizabeth was speaking in defense of the Patriot Act and big Rose shut her ass down.

On today’s edition of the crack-like ABC gabfest, Rosie O’Donnell got Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s conservative knickers into a big twist when Ro argued with her usual vehemence against the Patriot Act, concluding by hitting Liz with the ageist remark, “You’re very young, and you’re very wrong,” (E is 30, Ro is 45). This, of course, just wound Elisabeth right up, prompting a strange pointy hand-dance of rage.

Rosie then really stuck it to Elisabeth, suggesting that resorting to ageism is the only way she can bottle her Hulk-like rage to sit at the same table with someone with whom she disagrees “so abhorrently.”

Rosie’s almost as irritating as Hasselbeck, what with the haikus and the “liars get cancer” shtick. But if she were to reach over and clothesline that pinhead off her stool, there wouldn’t be a lot of sympathy.

By J. Harvey

  1. yeah

    If you watch the view, you deserve all the irritation you get. What a waste of electrical energy & air.

  2. Wow, that little lesbian friend of Rosie’s can SANG!

  3. Vic

    Gee, are all of you nuts? The View is by far one of the best daytime programs out there. As for Elizabeth….she’s a bit different….but it would be a pretty boring world if everyone thought alike! At least she’s pleasant to look at.

  4. missy

    she’s obviously never read the first nor the current patriot act. i still can’t believe the thing got passed.

  5. leah

    Completely out of context but what’s with the hyper annoying advertisement?? It flashes the whole web page and doesn’t stop…

    Is this a posting Active X glich or a marketing ploy?

  6. jean

    “Rosie then really stuck it to Elisabeth, suggesting that resorting to ageism”

    This from a woman who was rolling her eyes and making ugly faces..Rosie is the biggest hypocrite
    of them all.

  7. Loob

    So Rosie introduced the topic of age, trying to use EH’s youth as part of her argument, and then reversed it and used it against Elizabeth, making Elizabeth sound ageist?! What a lame-ass fucking hypocrite.

  8. Shaina

    Thanks for reminding me why I stopped reading this site.

  9. Nona

    Who cares? Who cares? Meerkat Manor is a better show, and the meerkats r better looking!!!!

  10. Yummsh

    Maybe Elisabeth Hasselidiot would be a happier person if she stopped hiding in the bathroom when her husband wanted to knock some boots.

  11. margaretta

    The View is the by far the worst show on TV today and that’s saying a lot. Not informative. Not funny. Ugly broads screaming. That’s entertainment!
    I would rather watch Martha Stewart skin a chicken.
    Rosie is as out of control as Britney but doesn’t see it yet. Her rages are scary but always make news, don’t they? Hmmm.

  12. Rosie is an obnoxious hypocrite. If anyone said to her what she said to Elizabeth, the pig would go ballistic and scream unfair. As usual she knows nothing of which she speaks. She should stick to making tacky clothes the homeless would refuse to wear.

  13. wapiti

    So, let’s see…if anyone should disagree with the liberal point of view, they are automatically labelled ‘pin-head’ by yet another of the poster children (read: mouthpiece) for the new leftist political party – ‘Hollywood Hypocritics.’ Al ‘Papa-Green’ Gore must be so proud. I don’t know what is the bigger waste of time and electricity, watching The View or reading this p.o.s excuse for a blog…

  14. kiki

    OMG Nona, Meekcat Manor is 100% intense! I love Carlos.

  15. Green Eyed Angel

    I love Meerkat Manor too! LOL My ferrets always stop what they’re doing and look at the TV screen when the meerkats make noises!

  16. sandy

    Rosie is an obnoxious, attention-whore, mouthy, pathetic freakshow. Elizabeth is a chirpy who can’t get a word in edgewise so she has to speedtalk. Both are annoying. But Rosie wins.

    And Dennis Miller b!tch-slapped Rosie today. It was hysterical.

  17. NSC

    I have read the Patriot Act . . . front to back . . several times . . . and it is no threat to our society. Rosie is a bully and an uninformed one at that. It is so easy to pick on the one conservative when the whole show is run by liberals. How adult is it for you to call her a pin-head? Not very.

  18. S

    Elizabeth can’t help it she’s an ignorant brainwashed twat. No use arguing with a moron.

  19. I Hate Elizabeth

    Elizabeth is an uneducated moron and congenitally stupid to boot. She should be run off that show and tarred and feathered on her way out of town. I loathe her. Her comment when the ladies were talking about the oscars being “green” was the dumbest thing she’s ever said, and that’s saying a LOT! She said, “Yeah, but are the statues biodegradable?” NO, they are NOT biodegradable, you twit, because no one is going to throw away an OSCAR!!! Just how dumb are you? Is that really the best ignorant republican comment you can come up with???!!! Only a creep would be an anti-environmentalist and you need to rethink your shrill party-line comments because they make you look stupid.

    Rosie ROCKS!

  20. missy

    oh please, the patriot acts term “domestic terrorist” is a danger to innocent citizens of our country. it is defined so vaguely as to be used however the government chooses. the patriot act is a very scary thing.

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