Somehow, Evil is Triumphing…

Way to go, Judith Regan, you money-grubbing whore. The New York Daily News reports that all the scavengers are scrambling to interview O.J. and get their hands on the 70 hours of footage in which he details how he decapitated two people. Just in time for Christmas, yo.

Never mind that a public outcry forced News Corp. chief Rupert Murdoch to scrap Judith Regan’s two-part Fox sit-down — designed to hype the now-canceled book by the disgraced gridiron star.

Simpson’s lawyer, Yale Galanter, tells us news execs are begging to talk with the man some of them denounced last week. “The idea that these networks don’t want to interview him is ludicrous,” says Galanter.

Unlike Fox’s entertainment division, the news wranglers aren’t offering money. But, according to one pal of O.J., “They’re dangling first-class airfare, an hour live-to-tape special and major personalities to do the interview.”

Despite those come-ons, Galanter says, “Right now, we don’t plan to do any interview. We think it’s a dead story. I think the whole thing is in poor taste.”

You do? When did you decide this? After it got the kibosh? How convenient. Asshole.

J. Harvey freaks his shit about O.J. some more after the jump.

Simpson’s stillborn interview with Regan has also awakened network interest in 70 hours of candid footage of the man who beat a double-murder rap.

Beginning in 2001, event promoter Norman Pardo traveled with Simpson to nightclubs and elsewhere, filming him railing against his legal and media tormentors, urinating next to a Dumpster and getting lap dances from three strippers.

Pardo has now teamed with agent David Hans Schmidt to broker the tapes, possibly for a DVD series.

Schmidt, who has dealt in sex tapes and nude pictures of everybody from Colin Farrell to Paula Jones, says: “How much is it worth? As much as we can get away with!”

Charming. I hope the next time O.J. urinates on a dumpster, a homeless guy leaps out of it and attacks his ass.

Does Simpson make any sort of confession on camera?

“That’s the multimillion-dollar question,” says Pardo. “The fact is, O.J. doesn’t know what’s on the tapes. We’d be filming at 4 a.m., when he’d be totally trashed. He’d say, ‘Turn that damn camera off! I’m talking way out of school here!'”

Schmidt and Pardo say Simpson won’t get a penny out of the deal. “It was shot with my camera, and he was an employee of my company,” says Pardo.


This is making me more naseous than the time I drank the coconut rum mixed with blue raspberry Kool-Aid and projectile vomited behind a screenhouse while Boyz 2 Men played in the background. Who in f*ck would have ANY sympathy for him railing against his “media tormentors”? Granted, the world’s most idiotic jury accquited his crazy ass, but I don’t recall him successfully avoiding the civil suit’s GUILTY verdict. The bitch killed two people in a horrible-ass manner and now he’s teeing up everyday on the fairway, free as a goddamn sociopathic bird. Everyone involved in this is suspect. Enjoy that hot “first-class airfare”, Juice. I think I’m emigrating to Canada. They have Kraft Macaroni & Cheese there, right?

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