Somehow Olivia Wilde Makes Floral Pants & Flip Flops Look Good

August 12th, 2013 // Leave a Comment
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Seriously, how is this girl so effortlessly gorgeous?

Drinking Buddies actress Olivia Wilde left a barbecue at a friends house in Venice, California on August 11, 2013 wearing these interesting floral pants, a blank tank top, a messy bun, and flip flops.

I mean nothing about this shouts fabulous but somehow, she can do no wrong. 

It’s a bit weird that Olivia is often photographed looking rather annoyed and yes, she will forever be the mean Alex Kelly, but the woman is actually hilarious!

I mean she recently told Contactmusic “I’m hitting a major milestone: 30, or as I like to call it, the ‘Cut the Bulls**t and Go Be Awesome’ stage. I’m thrilled about this impending development, I might finally grow boobs!”

Point made, it just isn’t possible to diss Ms. Olivia! So who cares if she paired wild pants with skimpy flip flops.


By Gisselli Rodriguez

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