Some People Need A Punch In The Face

Last night a video of a Seattle police officer punching a woman in the face got onto the web, thanks to people who have smart phones and apparently wait around for things like this to happen. Anymore, everybody is a cinematographer.

The public got into an uproar because the cop was thought to have used excessive force. I dunno. I think it’s easy for everyone to come down on cops sometimes. I’m not saying what he did was right, but I am saying that sometimes people deserve a punch in the face. Plus this little dude is struggling through this entire arrest. It’s like watching Bear Grylls wrestle an anaconda.

My favorite things about the video journalist is that he knows his stuff – get in close, get the action, give direction, et al. He did ruin much of the footage with his repetitive, “Are you SERIOUS?” Oh, yes.

Tip of the day: if you’re being arrested, just go with it. Don’t fight it. Ask yourself WWCKD? ‘What Would Chris Klein do?’