Some People Need A Punch In The Face

June 16th, 2010 // 6 Comments

Last night a video of a Seattle police officer punching a woman in the face got onto the web, thanks to people who have smart phones and apparently wait around for things like this to happen. Anymore, everybody is a cinematographer.

The public got into an uproar because the cop was thought to have used excessive force. I dunno. I think it’s easy for everyone to come down on cops sometimes. I’m not saying what he did was right, but I am saying that sometimes people deserve a punch in the face. Plus this little dude is struggling through this entire arrest. It’s like watching Bear Grylls wrestle an anaconda.

My favorite things about the video journalist is that he knows his stuff – get in close, get the action, give direction, et al. He did ruin much of the footage with his repetitive, “Are you SERIOUS?” Oh, yes.

Tip of the day: if you’re being arrested, just go with it. Don’t fight it. Ask yourself WWCKD? ‘What Would Chris Klein do?’

By Justin Thompson

  1. Betty

    Hey you fuckwad!!! The “dude” in your story is actually a 17 year old girl. But, I’m sure this means nothing to you, as she deserved to be punched in your opinion! Fucking dumbass….yes, you, Justin.

  2. Benson

    to be perfectly honest, that girl DID deserve that punch in the face and it was HILARIOUS!! telling a cop to “get the fuck off of me”…hah are you serious? what dumb bitches..LMAO

  3. daws

    17 year old girls don’t get a free pass to resist arrest. She should be glad he didn’t pull out the taser, billy club, or his gun. Seriously, wtf do she think was going to happen when she pushed the cop???!! That he was just going to walk away?

  4. jackie

    there is no reason a police officer should ever be that violent. yes she was resisting arrest, but can you blame her the way he was man handling her? it makes me sick that you all would say she deserved that.

    • Justin Thompson

      We were merely joking. I’m sure at some point you’ve joked that you would punch someone in the face or have known someone who deserved to be punched in the face. My point is, it’s hard for a cop to do their job when there is an audience filming everything you do. I imagine their job is totally unpredictable.

      Whether that woman was punched, tazed or maced, everyone still would say ‘excessive force.’

  5. Chechu

    y si..que raro que paso en EEUU?¿….
    fuerza excesiva,no me imagino lo que le haran a un hombre…lamentable

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