Some People Just Gotta Have Some Hannah Montana

June 26th, 2007 // 26 Comments

I honestly have no idea who this girl is, other than she’s the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus. Apparently she’s the shit at Disney. So much so that adults with lots of disposable money will do anything so their kid can meet Miley in person.

More than 1,500 people mobbed the World of Disney store on Fifth Ave. Thursday as she launched her CD and DVD, out Tuesday.

“One mom offered the store $5,000 to be one of the first on line for the two-hour appearance,” laughs an insider.

“Another dad offered to give away his penthouse suite to the World of Disney NYC manager for a night.”

Someone please tell me why she’s so popular?


By Jessica Marx

  1. Zekers

    My ten year old watches Hannah Montana (the name of her Disney show) all the time. I guess the draw is that she comes off as pretty normal and she sings fairly well-oh and she is cute, I’m sure that’s why my son watches! Her dad is in the show as her father and he’s pretty goofy-again just what ten year olds love.

  2. Why is that insider laughing?

    Disney always lets people with cash cut in front. Just sell her a VIP pass or something.


    P.S. I have no idea why she’s so famous either Jessica. I guess that movie she did was a big hit with the kiddies or something.

  3. Cassie

    I have to admit that I’m 21 and I watch Hannah Montana. The show is just cute. It’s like lizzy mcguire was back in the day. Although I wouldn’t pay to meet the girl…

  4. JC

    For someone in the entertainment gossip business, it’s hard to believe you’ve never heard of her. But then again, she’s never been arrested, never had a DUI, never done blow, never made a sex tape, never shown withouth panties, doesn’t have hair extensions, and hasn’t been in jail. But she’s got more money than god, and a killer album that pretty much sets her up for a long time. Now you know who she is. And you should really get out more…

  5. Mie

    She is famous for her Sitcom on Disney called “Hannah Montanna”. She sings, acts, and is a cutie to boot. I watch with my son and it is a good little show with comedy, music, and fun!!! If she can stay grounded we could have another Hilary Duff future here!! (instead of Lindsay Lohan!)

  6. mysmichelle

    She’s the new Hillary Duff, and Billy Ray just did that advertising stint on Dancing with the Stars………could he have mentioned his new cd and that show more times?

  7. mysmichelle

    She’s the new Hillary Duff, and Billy Ray just did that advertising stint on Dancing with the Stars………could he have mentioned his new cd and that show more times?

  8. Erin

    People magazine just did an article on her…and the rules her family has to keep her grounded…they keep her on an allowance, they family attends regular church services and they use other female “stars” as examples of what not to do!

  9. My 5 and 6 year old girls love her. I am 27 and I think she is great. We play her CD in the car, and Daddy even knows the lyrics. She is very sweet and wholesome. NOT LINDSAY LOHAN. Which sucks, because Parent Trap was actually a good movie. My little girls will watch it and Life Size with Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan. Two train-wrecks in one movie.

    So, Miley Cyrus is a breath of fresh air for Disney and for little kids. Her show Hannah Montanna is really good. Haley Joel Osment’s little sister, Emily, plays Hannah’s best friend. She is super cute too.

  10. Eyes of Green

    My 8 year old daughter and I watch Hannah Montana all the time. It’s a very good family show and Miley Cyrus is adorable, she’s funny, she’s got pretty good comedic timing for a 14 year old girl. And Billy Ray is good in this too. I agree with the Hillary Duff similarities, I think this girl could be the next big star out of Disney’s ‘vault’…and not the Lohan type of star either…

  11. Amber

    I took my daughter to see Hannah Montana and the cheetah girls last year for her 8th b-day, and miley was Great! She has a pretty voice and is real down to earth. The cheetah girls were supposed to be the main act but I think Miley outshined them on that night.

  12. mamamia

    My 6 and 8 yr old girls love her – I find her demeanor and her show refreshing. She isn’t wearing a g-string and feathers onstage and doesn’t have a mug shot. I never cared much for the Achy Breaky guy back in his mullet days, but I believe he has done a great job raising his daughter!

  13. Jennyo

    I think she’s refreshing. What’s the problem? Even though kids are growing up faster these days, they’re still KIDS, and like kid-stuff. So chill.

  14. cdawg

    I’m 28 and my 30 year fiance and I love Hannah Montana. It’s so addictive and cute, and fresh and nice. It’s also like living out everyone’s fantasy – to be famous but at the same time live a normal life.

    She’s the cutest thing EVER. I really hope that she doesn’t become a wreck.

  15. Serena

    My daughters watch Hannah Montana and have her first CD… With all the crack pots out there, she and her lyrics are of a postive nature.. and she hasn’t fallen into the abyss like the other ones her age. Miley Cyrus has projected herself as a great role model for kids and her show is light hearted humor. I recommend her music to anyone who does NOT want to hear negative trash.

  16. Hannah Mom

    I watch Hannah Montana with my daughter, we both love it. Her stuff is good natured, cute funny and age appropriate for my 8 year old. Her and her family on the show get along great, she is kind of a geek in school. Yet no one knows she is a big famous star. She rocks.

  17. Persistent Cat

    I think some of the readers of this site don’t quite get the sarcasm or hyperbole of the writers. But maybe that’s just me.



    LOVE YA DOLL!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Natasha

    My 2 god-daughter, 5 & 8 watch her. She is the latest Raven Simone and Lizzie McGuire. She is talented, cute and comes across as a person kids can relate to. Very refreshing.

  20. FreakyZ

    I think people DO get the sarcasm, they just aren’t playing along when it comes to a genuinely nice young lady like Miley Cyrus.

    Plus, the writer of this piece says she “honestly has no idea who this girl is… Apparently she is…” That’s not sarcasm, she really doesn’t know who Miley is, and THAT is because she IS a nice girl, and this site is not about nice people, it’s about the skanks and hos and the men that love them.

  21. FreakyZ

    *the men WHO love them.

  22. Kelly

    I find myself not turning off Hannah Montana’s TV show or CD off when my kids go to bed or get out of the car. It’s a cute show and her songs are catchy . . .not to mention unlike other stars she doesn’t feel the need to show of her “goods”- underage or not!

    My five year old loves her and I do too :)

  23. hotmess

    good lord, how the hell does ANYONE over the age of 13 like that show?!? My little sister watches it and it makes me want to RIP MY EYEBALLS AND EARDRUMS out of my head!!! Sick!!! Lizzie McGuire is the same!!! I get maybe you might watch it with your kid and think its ok, but seriously, 21 year olds like this????? Thats crazy!!!

  24. Heh!

    I’d bet an arm and a leg this “wholesome” image will drop soon enough. That’s the sad reality.

  25. danshia

    Hannaah Montana tickets got sold out that isn’t right she gave them to her fans yeah not right i watch her show. THIS ISN’T RIGHT ANYMORE I AM NOT HANNAH MONTANA FAN ANYMORE WHY BECAUSE I WANT TICKETS TO HER CONSERT ON DECEMBER 6,2007 I DID BUT DID GET THEM

  26. Jason

    Fannahs i kow miley’s number it is 853-5603 i found out at listen to my advice get new book one of a kind

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