Some People are Just too Crazy, Even for Justin Timberlake

As if we didn’t already know, Justin Timberlake is not just a super star, he is also a SUPER STUD. Not only is Justin “with” one of the hottest women in Hollywood, the bootylicious, although reportedly clingy, Jessica Biel, as well as rumored to be hitting the sexy fierceness that is Rihanna, he has to take legal action against zealous, crazy, old women who are also after the junk in his trunk. Luckily this time, I do not mean Cameron Diaz.

In court documents requesting a restraining order filed Friday in Los Angeles, Justin’s unwanted visitor, Karen McNeil, is described as a “heavyset white female, approximately 50 years of age”, who also “appeared to be a transient.” Also noted was how she was able to bypass security measures and “trespassed onto [Timberlake’s] property, attempted to gain access into his home, and delusionaly claimed to know and be friends with [Timberlake].”

Imagine waking up to that big ball of crazy smiling next to you in bed in the morning. 2 words Mr. Studdy Mc Timberlake: Guard Opossums…Guard Opossums.

Gallery Info: October 24th, 2009, Justin Timberlake spotted leaving Dominick’s Restaurant in Los Angeles, California.