Some Nosy Tourists See Suri Cruise

I can’t decide whether or not I believe this actually happened, but decide for yourself. It seems that a man passing by Tom Cruise’s estate managed to get past security and sneak a peek at ol’ Baby Cruise. From TMZ:

The story was first told Tuesday on the popular “Kevin & Bean Show” on KROQ radio in Los Angeles. The man, who asked to be identified only as “Frank,” and his girlfriend were visiting the girlfriend’s brother and sister-in-law, who live two blocks from Cruise’s Beverly Hills home, and went on a tour of some local stars’ homes. When they arrived at Cruise’s house, one of them hit the buzzer on the security gate, and — much to their surprise — it opened. They started driving up the driveway and the first security guard waved them on. They couldn’t turn around because the driveway was narrow, so they drove to the top. When they arrived at the top, they saw Katie Holmes holding — you guessed it — the ever-elusive Suri in her arms. Frank says he and his companions were no more than five feet from the baby, and he tells TMZ that Suri looked “cute” and “perfectly normal.”

I’m glad they got to see Suri and she wasn’t sporting an arm growing from her forehead, however, as obnoxious as I find Tom Cruise and his wacky antics, how annoying for him that a bunch of schmucko tourists made it past his security and were just wandering around? At one point, the article states that the tourists “demanded the right to leave” when security realized they shouldn’t be there. That’s like someone sneaking into your apartment and getting angry at you for not having milk in the fridge once they’ve started eating your cookies. Brats. I bet they were wearing fanny packs…

Written by Lisa Timmons

UPDATE: Um, obviuosly the photo is a fake. It was meant to look Photoshopped.