Some Celebrities Watched The Oscars – Others Took Selfies

2014 Oscar Nominees
Chris Hemsworth announces the 2014 Academy Awards Nominations
With all of the great technology we have today, we can’t just live in the moment – we have to live it while simultaneously capturing it on Instagram or Twitter so all the world can see how much fun we’re having.

Many celebrities did just that as they took to Twitter and Instagram to show all of us at home how much fun they were having during the Oscars – during show, backstage, and at the after party. The most famous picture of the night was of course the shot of Ellen Degeneres with a whole group of our favorite celebs taking a selfie together in the aisle right in the middle of the show. This is why I knew it was a good idea to have Ellen host. 

 There were several other celebrities, though, who captured their night a little more under the radar on their own accounts. Kerry Washington, and her growing baby bump, posted a picture backstage with the pizza that Ellen had promised everyone. She also took pictures of people like Pink and Ellen from her seat, capturing the people she admires.

Other celebs were a little goofier, making funny faces and sarcastic comments. Samuel L Jackson took a selfie at the Oscars rehearsal and said “Down at the Academy Award rehearsal. Always fun watching the actors who get to pretend they won!” I mean, it’s Samuel L Jackson, so he can basically say whatever he wants by now.

Anna Kendrick posted a picture of her and her precious In N Out burger that she got at the after party, while James Franco also posted a picture with a burger…from his bed at home. Of course.